Monday, 11 July 2016

Cast Protector For A Dry Cast

This is truly a critical question. Showering is a daily activity that for most of us is an absolute must, whether it is to wind down at night, or to get us going in the morning. However, if a cast gets wet, there can be serious consequences. That’s why it’s important to take the time and think about the best possible strategies for showering with a cast

There is only one effective, proven solution for showering with a cast: a waterproof cast cover for shower and bath. A waterproof leg cast cover or arm cast cover ensures that the cast will stay dry.

Tynor Cast Cover Leg is a reusable cast/bandage/wound protector, designed to provide water tight cover to the cast/bandage/wound and keep it dry during the shower or rain.
Tynor Cast Cover Leg
  • Our Price:Rs 462
Automatic water seal.
Easy pull on application.
No knots, no ties.
Anatomic design.
Free hand or foot movements.

Tynor Cast Cover Leg Features
Rubber Diaphragm
Expandable to accommodate any leg/cast size, provides water tight seal, ensures easy pull on application without tapes or straps.

Rigid ring
Offers a self-sealing mechanism and is easy to wear, remove and clean.

Transparent flexible body
Comfortably houses the arm/cast, is non porous and water tight but soft and flexible. It is durable, non sticky, light in weight, with pleasing aesthetics and ergonomic shape.

A shoulder immobilizer is designed to hold your arm against your body. It is used for injuries where you need to limit how much you can move your shoulder. These injuries include a shoulder dislocation or shoulder fracture. Moving your shoulder too much could cause harm.

Patient should use the immobilizer all the time. This will prevent other people from accidentally pulling on your arm. It also keeps you from sleeping in an incorrect position or moving the shoulder into a position that might make your injury worse. A joint that is immobilized too long can become stiff and lose range of motion. So must follow-up with the doctor as advised. Don’t use the shoulder immobilizer longer than told to.

Elastic Shoulder Support is a lightweight, sleek and smart design to provide immobilization in shoulder dislocation and post operative rehabilitation. It reduces abduction and arm rotation by positioning the arm close to the body. It comes with a shoulder cup, which improves grip , immobilization, warmth and confidence of the patient.
Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobiliser
  • Our Price:Rs 572
Six way immobilization.
Shoulder cup ensures extra compression.
Smart and sleek.
No buckle biting.

Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobiliser Features
Scientific design
Provides six -way immobilization.
Well ventilated and comfortable.
Sleek and smart.
Can be used in patients with open wounds around the shoulder.
Effective, even in patients confined to bed.

Shoulder cup
Improves grip on the injured shoulder.
Improves immobilization.
Provides warmth.
Speeds up the process of healing.
Enhances confidence of the patient.

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