Friday, 7 October 2016

Tynor Frog Splint and Finger Cot

A Tynor Frog splint is a device that supports and protects body parts that have been injured, such as a broken bone or muscle sprain. A splint may also be worn after surgery. A splint is sometimes called a half-cast because it does not wrap around an entire body area like a cast does.
Tynor Frog Splint a light weight, high cushioned, sleek and simple brace that helps the injured finger by providing it the right alignment of the inter- phalangeal joints. This support helps the finger to maintain is optimal functions.Frog-splint provides perfect alignment of the inter-phalangeal joints bymaintaining them in optimal functional position. Malleable arms fold to hold the finger in the finger in the desired position. No tapes required.

Tynor Frog Splint
  • Our Price :Rs79

  •     Provides perfect alignment of the inter-phalangeal joints
  •     Malleable arms fold to hold the finger in the finger in the desired position
  •     Helps by maintaining joints in optimal functional position
  •     Softened arms for good grip
  •     Comfortable

Tynor Hand Splint
Tynor Hand Splint is certainly one of those parts of your body that is exercised regularly in daily life. In fact, the Hand is employed for grasping, gripping & picking things up & holding objects. When your finger and Tynor Splint your capacity to carry out any responsibility with the help of your hand is practically unfeasible. Tynor Hand Splint Right-Left supplier, distributor and dealer of Hand Resting Splint Right-Left Online India for disabled and handicapped in india, Buy Resting Hand Splint, Tynor Hand Resting Splint Online Shopping, Hand Resting Splint Right-Left Price, Hand Resting Splint, Forearm Splint, Resting Hand Splint Right For Sale, Hand Resting Splint Right-Left Online For handicap.
Tynor Thumb Spica Splint
  • Our Price :Rs166

Tynor Mallet Finger Splint
Mallet finger is a common injury that usually occurs as a result of an athletic injury. The condition occurs when the outermost joint of the finger is injured. Mallet finger is the most common closed tendon injury. Mallet finger is also known as baseball finger, drop finger, or hammer finger.

Thumb Sprains
These types of injuries are common in sports and falls. The thumb is jammed into another player, the ground, or the ball. The thumb may be bent in an extreme position, causing a sprain. The thumb will usually swell and may show bruising. It is usually very painful to move.

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