Monday, 10 October 2016

Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults

Hearing loss is a common problem caused by noise, aging, disease, and heredity. Hearing is a
Siemens Amiga 172 N Pocket Hearing Aid
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complex sense involving both the ear's ability to detect sounds and the brain's ability to interpret those sounds, including the sounds of speech. People with hearing loss delay a decision toget hearing help because they are unaware of the fact that receiving early treatment for hearing loss has the potential to literally transform their lives. People with hearing loss as well as their significant others demonstrated that hearing aids clearly are associated with impressive improvements in the social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of people with hearing loss in all hearing loss categories from mild to severe. Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older adults.

Hearing loss is a common birth defect. A birth defect is a health condition that is present at birth. Birth defects change the shape or function of one or more parts of the body. Hearing loss comes in many forms. Hearing Aids can range from a mild loss in which a person misses certain high-pitched sounds, such as the voices of women and children, to a total loss of hearing. It can be hereditary or it can result from disease, trauma, certain medications, or long-term exposure to loud noises.

Siemens Amiga 172 N Pocket Hearing Aid
If hearing clearly is a problem for you then hearing aid is the solution you have been looking for. An apt product to get that desired clarity and lost confidence back. High quality device that is functionally and aesthetically advanced. Attractive and durable design, powerful to compensate mild to profound hearing losses. The  Siemens Amiga 172 N Hearing Aid is an attractive and durable design is powerful and flexible to compensate mild to profound hearing losses. The advanced technology of  Amiga ensures functional reliability and an extremely pleasant sound perception. With an extended frequency range, sound quality is improved to enable better speech discrimination. It has maximum power output of 140dB SPL / Gain 80dB. It includes high power to suit people who suffer from profound hearing loss.

Siemens Amiga 172 N Pocket Hearing Aid Features

  • Easy to use
  • Attractive and durable design
  • Pleasant sound perception

A Pocket Hearing Aid is a battery-powered electronic device designed to improve the hearing. Small enough to wear in or behind the ear, they make some sounds louder. They may help to hear better when it's quiet and when it's noisy.
Pocket Hearing Aids
  • Our Price :Rs 850

Pocket Hearing Aids
POCKET MODEL HEARING AID comprise one of the most comprehensive Hearing Device lines available and are designed to fit just about any lifestyle and hearing loss, Hearing Aids Products Are Developed Using Only The Latest Hearing Technology. Whether Your Needs Are For A Compact Portable Instrument Or A Full Functioning Clinical Instrument You Are Sure To Find A Product That Fits Your Needs. Pocket Hearing Aids Products Are Developed.

Pocket Hearing Aids Features

  • Versatile very sturdy for Moderately severe Hearing Losses 
  • Also available for AVC version.

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