Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Adjustable Walking Sticks For Elderly People

Adjustable walking sticks are very popular and are in high demand in the cane market because they provide such a level of flexibility. Plus they allow for a variety of uses since the height can be adjusted as needed. The reason these adjustable canes are so popular is that they are lightweight, come in a variety of colors and can be adjusted to suit your height or specific support, medical or safety needs.

Adjusting these sticks allow that peace of mind when navigating terrain. One of the best advantages of these mobility aids is you can adjust them based on what shoes or footwear you are wearing giving you that extra comfort. Our canes are used for mobility as well to accent a particular outfit to provide an additional fashion statement. We have a large selection of inventory of these adaptable walking aids which allow for an energetic and active lifestyle, no matter if you are young or old.  Adjustable Walking Sticks Provides support to Elders with mobility challenges. Walking stick with a variable height for user comfort for support to the elderly.

Adjustable Walking Sticks
Our Price: Rs  375
These wooden sticks and canes has quality and durability and are available at affordable prices. We How many different kinds, including specialty or novelty canes, as well as traditional. Whatever you Prefer, whether you are a man or a woman, we have the perfect cane for you. See our selection to find The one that fits your lifestyle. These walking sticks are one of the most popular types of sticks we sell. Each walking stick is slightly different in form and shape. Many of our Free Form Sticks are hand made and custom made for user.

Adjustable Walking Sticks Features
Aluminium Walking Stick
Lightweight Aluminium
Height Adjustable ( 28-37 inches)
Lightweight aluminium construction
Adjustable height to suit individual user requirements
L shaped handle for better grip

Standard walkers are the most stable type of walker available. These mobility aids are sturdy metal frames that provide solid support for those who may need assistance walking due to lack of balance or strength. When looking at non-wheeled walkers, it is important to consider the height, folding style, and handgrip style of the walker. A walker will be used on a regular basis, so comfort is an essential element to consider.

Elderly Walkers
Our Price: Rs  1400
Standard Walkers For Seniors are fine for users of average height, but the especially tall or short will want to look at petite or heavy duty walkers instead. The height adjustments range specifies the height range the walker’s legs can be set to. Be sure as well to check the weight capacity of any walker.

All of our standard walkers fold for easy transport and storage. The legs need to be released in order to fold, and the design of the release mechanism can be an important element to consider. A single button release mechanism can be easier to trigger and release, but a dual release allows users with limited dexterity to keep their hands on the walker as they fold it and often features larger, easier to use buttons and levers.

Elderly Walkers
Folding Walker
One button folding walker
4 sections height adjustable
Height Length: 76 - 85 cm
Color: Red and Silver

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