Friday, 25 November 2016

Arm Sling For Shoulder Or Elbow Joints

An arm sling is a simple shoulder immobiliser typically manufactured from cotton or a synthetic material to offer comfort to the wearer and is worn following surgery or a trauma related injury such as a trip or fall. The arm sling works by immobilising the arm and shoulder by raising the arm and restricting its movement. The arm sits within a material based sling attached to a strap which loops round the patient’s neck to help elevate the arm. The strap can be adjusted manually depending on the patient’s height and arm length, but a professional will always set this before you leave the hospital to ensure that it is fitted accurately.

Reasons for wearing an arm sling
Fracture: When you have a fractured shoulder, or a fractured wrist or elbow, you may be recommended to wear an Arm Sling. In case of fracture, no matter of which body part, it is very essential not to move that part of your body to ensure proper healing of the bone. As said earlier, the arm sling helps your arm to keep it in place against your body and that helps in faster healing.
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Benefits of wearing an arm sling
When you incur an injury the most important thing is getting back to full fitness so you can resume your daily routine. Different types of injury require different types of rehabilitationFind Article, with the injury being given enough time to heal to allow gentle exercise to rebuild strength in the affected muscle or joint.

Shoulder Surgery: If you have gone through any kind of surgery on or around your shoulder, you may need a sling so as to stop the shoulder muscles from contracting and upsetting the process of healing. Slings not only heal, but it also provides comfort to your arms and prevents it from too much pain.

Stroke: Strokes sometimes may lead to arm or leg paralysis or even both. In that situation, when you are unable to move your arm freely, it may be painful to you as your arms are hanging. However, on using a sling, it will provide support to your arm, and will save you from the pain you were encountering initially.

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