Friday, 11 November 2016

Cast Cover Maintain Your Style While Healing a Broken Bone

Arm Cast Cover is a generic cast protector which makes the fitting water tight and keeps your cast/bandage/wound dry during the shower or otherwise. It is reusable.All casts POP or synthetic and the cast padding underneath needs to be kept dry.
  • Easy pull on application.
  • No knots, no ties.
  • Free hand or foot movement possible.
Arm Cast Cover are made up of a bandage and a hard covering (usually plaster of Paris). They allow broken bones in the arm or leg to heal by holding them in place, and usually need to stay on for 4 and 12 weeks.
Tynor Cast Cover Arm
  • Our Price :Rs 197

Plaster cast care advice: 
  • Keep your arm or leg raised on a soft surface, such as a pillow, for as long as possible in the first few days. This will help any swelling to go down and will help the cast dry correctly.
  • Don't get your plaster cast wet. This will weaken it, and your bone will no longer be properly supported.
  • You can use a plastic bag to cover up the cast when you have a bath or shower. Try using sticky tape or a rubber band to seal the bag at the top and bottom to make it as watertight as possible.
Tynor Cast Cover Arm Measurements
Size Chart -
  • Size Inches CM
  • Universal/Circumference 6.2 to 14.2 16 to 36
  • Universal/Length upto22 upto 56 
Tubular Elastic :
Elastoplast Elastic Tubular support bandages are comfortable to wear and simple to use, without ties or tape required to hold them in place. They apply even compression to help reduce swelling and provide extra support for joints - even during sporting activity.

Tubular Elastic compression bandages can provide temporary relief for tired and aching limbs. They secure wound dressings and offer support and protection for wound sites. The tubular bandage can be used for knee injuries, providing basic support for weak or injured knees. It is suitable for application around the wrist, elbow, arm, ankle, knee and thigh.
Tubular Elastic Bandage
  • Our Price :Rs 137
  • Elastic Tubular Support Bandage
  • Provides compression
  • Suitable for ankles and knee applications
  • For temporary relief of tired, aching limbs
  • For securing wound dressings and protecting wound sites
Tubular Elastic Bandage Measurements
Size Chart-
  • Area of Application Size Inches MM
  • Child Hands & Arms A 1.80 45.0
  • Small Hands & Arms B 2.150 63.0
  • Medium Arms, 
  • Small Ankles C 2.70 68.0
  • Large Arms, Medium Ankles, 
  • Small Knees D 3.00 75.0
  • Large Ankles, Medium Knees, 
  • Small Thighs E 3.50 88.0
  • Large Knees, 
  • Medium Thighs F 4.00 100.0

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