Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cervical Collar Without Chin Regular Soft Splint Support

Cervical collars provide assistance to the neck and spine protecting it against jerks impacts and vibrations. These collars are recommended in cervical areas which are prone to immobilization. Health Vistas has products of brands like Orthopedic, Romsons, Paragon, Dyna, Flowline and Transval etc.

Neck allows to hold head up high as it attaches the skull to the trunk, letting information transfer between brain and body take place. We must compliment our neck on how strong yet flexible it is, as Vissco Cervical Collar without Chin Regular supports the weight of your head while at the same time allowing it to turn and flex in all directions. Made up of 7 bones, the cervical spine is gently curved in a convex manner.

Vissco Cervical Collar without Chin Regular
Our Price : Rs 215
Cervical supports provide support to the shoulders, neck and spine. They help to treat Spondylosis which a painful condition of the spine resulting from the degeneration of the intervertebral discs. Spondylosis is a result of stress or constant overstretching of spine. Thus, to control this condition Health Vistas offer variety of products like cervical pillows, collars, cold packs, neck braces etc.

  • Provides excellent cervical spine immobilization
  • Can be easily applied and adjusted in height
  • Made from special fiber malleable molded material
  • Lining provided with foam rubber covered with vinyl for comfort

Wrist is a collection of many bones and joints that let you use your hands in many different ways. The wrist allows the full range of motion that you exercise on a daily basis, and at the same time, your wrist provides the strength you need for heavy gripping. There are 15 bones that form connections from the end of the forearm to the hand, of which 8 are carpal bones that form the wrist. These bones are grouped in two rows that serve different functions.

This Premium Arm Sling product can be used on any injury, fracture or sprain to the arm. It provides immobilization of the shoulder joint by completely fixing the arm to the body. It thus allows recuperation from a fracture, sprain or injury of the shoulder joint. It is manufactured of sweat preventing and perforated fabric. Helps to relieve load on the shoulder joint . Fixes arm to the torso and secures immobilization .Skin friendly material ensures patient comfort during the rehabilitation. Thumb insert for proper fit. Adjustable shoulder straps with two way angle adjustment. Padding to minimize strain on neck.

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