Friday, 25 November 2016

Commode Cut Out Chair for Elderly People

Cut Out Chair
Our Price : Rs 2000
Commode chair a portable toilet that can be placed at the bedside of a patient whose activity is limited; these are often used in the home when the patient is too debilitated to reach the bathroom. The receptacle for waste can be removed and emptied.

A Commode Chair Cut Seat is a convenient and safe piece of equipment to help prevent falls in the bathroom. Cut Out Chair combine the functionality of a shower seat, the convenience of a commode seat and the transportation ease. Commode Chair Cut Seats are designed to fit over most standard toilet seats.

Commode Chair Cut Seats Features :
  • Weight capacity— most shower commode chairs will hold up to 300 lbs.
  • Seating— plastic or water resistant padded seats are available both with closed or open fronts.
  • Adjust-ability— Both backs and seats can be adjusted on certain models as well as adjustable heights to accommodate different shower heads. Fully adjustable tilt-in-space shower commode chairs are available for those who have precise positioning and optimal angle requirements.
  • Materials— PVC or stainless steel should be used to prevent rust.

Sometimes, a need of a patient may arise to use a folding commode. Western toilets are much easier on the knees, and doesn’t require the strength to squat over the toilet. However, Western toilets aren’t always available. The Invalid Folding Commode stool helps to modify a toilet to help someone unable to use a traditional toilet.
Invalid Folding Commode stool
Our Price : Rs 3629

When to use 
  • Stroke  Post Surgery (TKR/THR)  
  • Cerebral Palsy  
  • Fracture of Lower Limb  
  • Peripheral nerve disorders

Vissco Invalid Folding Commode Features
  • Rigid Support    
  • Universal Fit   
  • Anti-Fungal

Commode Stool cum chair with back support and pot that is absolutely necessary for the patients who are in recovery period and are not able to walk properly or without support. It is easy and convenient to use. It is ideal for the use by elderly people.

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