Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Elastic Bandage Comfortable And Simple To Use

Elastic Tubular support bandages are comfortable to wear and simple to use, without ties or tape required to hold them in place. They apply even compression to help reduce swelling and provide extra support for joints - even during sporting activity. Compression bandages used in the management of lymph edema should be properly washed on a regular basis, so  skin cells and oils won’t become trapped in the fibers of the  bandages and damage the integrity of the textile. Compression bandages may be machine or hand washed; machine wash is generally the  preferred method. Once the bandages go through the spin cycle they are easy to hang and will dry much faster.

The Tubular Elastic Bandage can be used for knee injuries, providing basic support for weak or injured knees. It is suitable for application around the wrist, elbow, arm, ankle, knee and thigh.
Tubular Elastic Bandage
  • Our Price :Rs 137

Tubular Elastic Bandage Features :
High Quality Cotton Yarn
Is breathable, hypo allergic, dermophilic, remains cool in summers & warm in winters. It is soft to touch, good to feel and is washable.

State of Art Knitting
Provides uniform compression, long functional life and firm fitting.

Tubular Design
Quick and easy wearing, without any pins or tapes. Provides complete freedom of movement.

Fawn Colored
Matches skin color, has better aesthetics. Can be worn inconspicuously under clothing.

Tubular Elastic Bandage Measurements :
  • Size Chart- 
  • Area of Application Size Inches MM
  • Child Hands & Arms A 1.80 45.0
  • Small Hands & Arms B 2.150 63.0
  • Medium Arms, 
  • Small Ankles C 2.70 68.0
  • Large Arms, Medium Ankles, 
  • Small Knees D 3.00 75.0
  • Large Ankles, Medium Knees, 
  • Small Thighs E 3.50 88.0
  • Large Knees, 
Tynor Cast Cover Arm : Arm slings are designed to provide support and even weight distribution of an injured arm, hand or wrist, especially in conjunction with a cast. The greater the area covered by the sling, the greater support it provides. Elbow braces and slings help to protect the arm and elbow following an injury to these areas and post surgery but can also help to quicken the recovery process and give support and comfort by holding the arm and elbow in a stationary position.

Tynor Cast Cover Arm is a generic cast/bandage/wound protector, which makes the fitting water tight and keeps your cast/bandage/wound dry during the shower or otherwise. It is reusable.All casts POP or synthetic and the cast padding underneath needs to be kept dry.
Tynor Cast Cover Arm
  • Our Price :Rs 197

  • Easy pull on application
  • No knots, no ties
  • Free hand or foot movement possible
Tynor Cast Cover Arm Features :
Rubber Diaphragm
  • Expandable to accommodate any arm /cast Size.
  • Water tight seal.
  • Easy pull on application, No need for tapes or straps.
Rigid ring
  • Easy to wear and remove.
  • Offers a self sealing mechanism without any need for tapes or straps.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
Transparent flexible body
  • Non porous, water tight.
  • Pleasing aesthetics.
  • Comfortably houses the arm/cast.
  • Non Sticky, light weight.
Tynor Cast Cover Arm Measurements Size Chart -
  • Size Inches CM
  • Universal/Circumference 6.2 to 14.2 16 to 36
  • Universal/Length upto22 upto 56 

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