Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Health Is Wearing Soft Cervical Collar Helpful

Tynor Soft Cervical Collar with support is used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck in the flexion, extension, or hyper extension position. Recommended where a partial or controlled immobilization of the cervical region is required.

The Tynor Cervical Collar Soft is constructed of foam rubber and covered with a stockinette material. Normally, the closure is achieved with Velcro. Depending on the patient’s pathology and body structure, physician and/or orthotist will determine the proper height of the collar.
Tynor Cervical Collar Soft
  • Our Price :Rs 170

Prevent neck pain or injury:
Limit activity: This may help decrease the pain and swelling. Ask primary healthcare provider when it can return to the normal daily activities.

Support the neck while sleep: It may need to sleep without a pillow if sleep with the collar on. Make sure pillow is comfortable and supports the head and neck if sleep without a collar. It may need a special neck pillow. It may be more comfortable on a firm mattress.

Support the neck and back if sit most of the day: Keep computer monitor at eye level. Place documents are reading into a holder at eye level. Use a headset when talk on the telephone.

Tynor Cervical Collar Soft Measurements : Measure distance between edge of sternum and lower jaw with neck in extension position.
  • Size In Inch In cm
  • Small 3 to 3.5 7.5 to 8.75
  • Medium 3.5 to 4 8.75 to 10
  • Large 4 to 4.5 10 to 11.25
Tynor Pouch Arm Sling Tropical :
Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical) holds, supports and immobilizes the sprained, broken or surgically operated arm in the flexion position while it recuperates. A sleek and a smart design ideally suitable for tropical countries with hot and humid climatic conditions. Smart, sleek, does not cover the chest, improves ventilation, comfort and best suited for hot climates.

Tynor Pouch Arm Sling Tropical supports and immobilizes the arm used on sprained broken or surgically operated arm.It maintains the arm in the flexion position while it recuperates. A sleek and a smart designSuitable for countries with hot and humid climatic conditions. An adjustable Wrinkle proof Smart & sleek Convenient application with thumb cradle. Ergonomically designed does not cover the chest. It is made of 3 layered P.U. bonded fabric durable and non-tearable. Wrinkle free soft to feel side buckle angle of flexion can be.
Tynor Pouch Arm Sling Tropical
  • Our Price :Rs 199

Tynor Pouch Arm Sling Tropical Measurements :
  • Size Inches CM
  • CH 19.7-23.6 50-60
  • Small 27.6-31.5 70-80
  • Medium 31.5-35.4 80-90
  • Large 35.4-39.4 90-100
  • XL 39.4-43.3 100-110
  • XXL 43.3-47.2 110-120

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