Monday, 7 November 2016

Karma Toilet Wheelchair rainbow for Handicapped

Rainbow 8 Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 9100
Karma Commode Chair Rainbow 8 is an ideal product for those who are suffering from severe injuries and accidents or elderly people to provide them comfort and convenience in their lavatory activities. Karma offers one of the best solution those with limited mobility. Karma commode chair, rainbow A is a light weighted and easy to maintain commode chair. It foldable facility makes it portable and more convenient to use and carry. Its smooth finishing and its extreme comforts makes it one of the most selling products.

Karma Toilet Wheelchair rainbow 8 is ideally designed for the elders and the patients having limited mobility. The chrome plated wheelchair features very high backrest to provide comfort to the users. has 8” PVC caster wheel and 24”solid wheel and fixed armrest and footrests having the seat width of 17”, depth of 16” and can bear the weight up to 100kg. Its foldable feature increases its portability. It can also serve as a wheelchair around the house. 

Rainbow 8 Wheelchair is one of the multipurpose chairs which boast of features like reclining, inbuilt commode, customized armrest and footrest and affordable nature of the chair.

Rainbow 8 Wheelchair Features :
  • The wheelchair can be folded within very easily within seconds, making it easier during travels and outings.
  • The backrest of the chair can be easily reclined, giving the user the freedom to relax by not moving up from the chair.
  • The footrest can be inclined and adjusted so as to make the user comfortable during reclining or otherwise.
  • A well paded thigh support is an add-on to the footrest.
  • The front and rear wheels of the chair are designed and placed in such a way so as to support the reclining of the user, making it a very safe and friendly wheelchair.
  • The inbuilt commode has its seat just underneath the main seat of the chair; it can be used by just removing the main seat.
  • The Wheelchair can also be folded from between by just removing the commode and the chair's seat.
  • This Wheelchair's functionality gives the user total freedom.
  • Easy to fold and unfold within seconds.

Karma commode wheelchair rainbow 7 comes with a lot of exciting features for elderly or physically challenged person who want commode in a wheelchair.   has a single seat with center cut commode having cushion cover on top and removable Pan With Lid And Handle. Rear Wheel Lock Facility and Tire are Solid Tube Less. C/O Manish Steel Works is an India based online handicapped product shopping website offers a large variety of handicap products and at amazingly low prices. Avail benefit of latest promotions on Wheelchairs, Tricyle, handicap walker, handicap crutches, handicap sticks, folding commode, cycle rickshaw, handicap moped and other items.

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