Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Arm Crutches Extra Large Tips for Added Stability

Personalized designs for crutches make a great Christmas present. Anything bespoke is a treat! Although most people buy a pair with their own design for themselves. Anything to make life feel better. Designer crutches for Christmas is a great idea, whether for yourself or family or a friend.

Arm Crutches
Our Price : Rs 534
It is vitally important that crutches be properly fitted to the user. You should be able to stand up straight comfortably with a crutch, with your elbow bent between 15 and 30 degrees as your hand rests on the handle. Be sure your Arm Crutches are the right size for your body. Improperly fitted crutches can lead to abrasions, muscle pains, and nerve damage. A chat with your physiotherapist is a very good idea.

Can you imagine being already incapacitated in some way and having to use crutches and then causing injury because you are using them the wrong way. Please have a look at the website for our top tips

This heavy duty bariatric Arm crutch by Drive Medical is packed with features. The vinyl coated and ergonomically contoured arm cuff is molded for comfort and stability. Both the leg and forearm sections adjust independently without tools to ensure optimal comfort and personal sizing. The extra large tips provide added stability to the crutch.

Arm Crutches Features :
  • Leg and forearm sections adjust independently for optimal sizing
  • Vinyl coated, ergonomically contoured arm cuffs molded for comfort and stability
  • Vinyl hand grips are comfortable and durable
  • Extra large tips for added stability
  • Comfortable handle that distributes weight very effectively
  • Enable normal movement

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