Friday, 23 December 2016

Best Walking Cane for Leg Injuries

Walking sticks and canes have been a part of society for centuries. Whether using a walking stick to help keep pace and balance in nature walking along hiking trails, a colorful wardrobe accessory, or to help walk around due to health issues a walking cane can be useful. Canes have been seen as symbols of authority and used as weapons with hidden knives or built in stun guns in some of the more modern canes. A walking stick has four parts, the handle, the band, the shaft, and the ferrule. The handle is typically the most glorified piece and can be constructed of ornamental metals, carved bone or antler, carved wood, crystal, or any other type of ornate finishing touch can think of. The band joins the handle to the shaft if they’re different materials such as a metal handle on a wooden shaft. A ferrule is located at the bottom of the stick or cane as the tip and is sometimes the same material as the handle and is used to protect the end of the stick.

Tynor Walking Stick L Type
Tynor Walking Stick is a general purpose Mobility Aids For Elderly, which can be used by geriatric or weak patients, or can be used as post operative rehabilitation aid. Made out of special grade of aluminum to ensure high strength, durability and light weight. Height adjustment feature ensures proper load bearing.
Tynor Walking Stick L Type
  • Our Price :Rs 338
Strong and Durable.
Aesthetically pleasing.
Easy height adjustment.
Anti slip pods.

Tynor Walking Stick L Type Features
Hard Anodized
Perfect aesthetics.
Long life of the coating.
Available in multiple colors.

Made special grade of Aluminum
Light weight
Strong and durable
Good weight bearing

Very long life.
Better aesthetics.
Anti slip properties.

Walking Canes is probably the most common mobility device prescribed for seniors. When used properly, a walking cane will increase the base of support and reduce strain on the legs and back as it helps to move forward. A walking cane requires enough strength in the arm, since the arm must partially support the body’s weight. If they have a slight problem with balance or instability, some weakness in the leg or some pain from a condition like rheumatoid arthritis, a cane may be enough to help the compensate and provide support.

Walking Canes
  • Our Price :Rs 500
Most canes are made of hardwood or aluminum. The most familiar walking cane style is the straight-tip style with a C-shaped or crook handle and a single rubber-capped bottom. This basic style is usually inexpensive, but if they have hand pain or discomfort, they may find it difficult to grasp. A walking cane with a functional offset handle, contoured similar to the gripping hand, is more easily grasped and provides better support. Other straight-tip canes may have different handle styles such as 
ball-shaped, slanted or stirrup-like. An ortho-cane has a palm grip with a curved staff on top for a firmer grip and better balance.

Karma Walking Stick WS 121
  • 10/5 Section Height Adjustable
  • Adjustable length: 68.5-91.3cm/ 81-91cm
  • Ergonomic Plastic Handle/Wooden Handle
  • 4 Section Folding
  • Tubecolor

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