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Best Walking Canes for Elderly Needs

Walking equipment is usually used for one of two purposes: as part of a rehabilitation programme when the user is recovering from an injury or operation; or as a long-term aid to mobility when the user has a permanent difficulty with walking. The rehabilitation process is a gradual progression towards independent and unassisted walking and may commence with the use of one kind of walking aid to give the confidence before progressing to another walking aid. The ultimate aim of a rehabilitation programme is for to walk independently, without walking equipment. Sometimes, complete recovery is not possible or it may have an illness or disability that permanently affects the legs, balance or coordination. In these situations, mobility equipment may be required for long-term use.

Adjustable Walking Sticks
  • Our Price :Rs 375
Walking equipment may improve the mobility but, if an inappropriate walking device is used, if incorrect techniques are adopted, or if the device is not suitable for a particular environment,  independence and safety may be jeopardised. Advice about walking equipment and the way it should be used is available from the professionals and sources listed above. Other factors that should be looked at to minimise the risk of falling whilst using a walking device include:

  • Home environment
  • Stairs
  • Standing from a chair
  • Wet floors
  • Footwear

Adjustable Walking Sticks Provides support to Elders with mobility challenges. Walking stick with a variable height for user comfort for support to the elderly.

Adjustable Walking Sticks Features
  • Aluminium Walking Stick
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Height Adjustable ( 28-37 inches)
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Adjustable height to suit individual user requirements
  • L shaped handle for better grip

Adjustable Walking Sticks Measurements

Canes or Walking Canes are just one of several devices available to assist in ambulation, or walking. Using a walking cane improves balance by increasing a person’s base of support. When used correctly, canes unload the leg opposite to the hand the cane is in by up to twenty five percent. There are several types of canes on the market today, each providing a slightly different amount of assistance. The folding cane comes with a derby type handle in both hard plastic or soft foam. These canes are useful for travel. They can be stored away in luggage, tucked under car seat or put any
Walking Canes
  • Our Price :Rs 500
place where space is limited.

Karma Walking Stick WS 121
  • 10/5 Section Height Adjustable
  • Adjustable length: 68.5-91.3cm/ 81-91cm
  • Ergonomic Plastic Handle/Wooden Handle
  • 4 Section Folding
  • Tubecolor

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