Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Choosing A Cane And Using It Properly

Walking sticks are very useful for the elderly or those recovering from illness and need extra support. The legs provide a better stability than single leg sticks. Using a cane properly is not difficult but there are some important things to consider when buying and using a cane. If recovering from an injury, experiencing reduced mobility due to the aging process, or have a chronic condition. Able to put four sturdy legs on the ground rather than just one, this Walking Stick provides exceptional stability but with the convenience of a one-handed walking stick. Each leg of the walking stick is tipped with a non-marking, slip-resistant rubber ferrule and the ergonomically shaped handle ensures a secure grip at all times. The sticks height can be raised or lowered to suit the users size and posture.

Walking canes may be classified as one of the earliest Aids For Mobility. Yet, the look of these centuries old walking aids has evolved significantly from their appearance as medical apparatus. An aluminum, medical cane with single or quad footing or a beautiful, decorative cane that offers style, colors and stability, the handle should be an important consideration in the selection process. The shape and curvature of the handle allows an individual’s weight to be distributed over the palm of the hands and the cane shaft rather than over the fingers, which can be less stable and possibly produce finger pain.

When using a cane, it should always be held in the hand opposite of the leg that needs support. For example, if knee pain is on the left side, use this cane in the right hand. The cane should then move forward as step forward with the bad leg.

Tynor Walking Stick Soft Top Handle
Tynor Walking Stick with soft top handle is a walking stick especially made for patients who are physically challenged or weak or old enough to walk without support. It consists of special grade of aluminum which is responsible for its strength, durability and lightweight. It has a height adjustment feature ensuring proper load bearing and a pod which is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). It possesses an anti slip property enhancing its stability and comfortable grip that boosts patient confidence.
Tynor Walking Stick Soft Top Handle
  • Our Price :Rs 395

  • High Strength and durability
  • Pleasant Aesthetics
  • Height adjustment feature
  • Anti slip pods
  • Light in weight
  • Good weight bearing
  • Long life 
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Good functioning
  • Easy size customization
  • Comfortable grip

Colored Walking Canes
Karma Healthcare Aluminum Adjustable Walking Cane Handles has an orthopedic plastic handle. This walking cane is an elegant looking, lightweight and durable walking cane that provides comfort and firm support to user. It has 10 sections height adjustability. Karma Healthcare Aluminum Colored Walking Canes has aluminum tubing anodized with M1 color finish Adjustable length: 28” to 38” Ergonomic orthopedic plastic handle Weight: 340 grams only Available in both
Colored Walking Canes
  • Our Price :Rs 600
Black and Blue color

Colored Walking Canes Features

  • Comfortable to use in any environments
  • Available with two colors: Black and Blue
  • Fully adjustable from 28-38”
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Ergonomic orthopedic plastic handle

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