Friday, 16 December 2016

Commode Chair for Disability to Help Them with Toilet Activities

A commode comes from the French word for ‘convenient or suitable’. It is a term used for a flush toilet or a chair (sometimes on wheels), enclosing a pot used to go to the toilet. It is often used in hospitals and homes of people with incontinence or limited mobility.

Sometimes, a need of a patient may arise to use a folding commode. Western toilets are much easier on the knees, and doesn’t require the strength to squat over the toilet. However, Western toilets aren’t always available. The Vissco Folding Commode helps to modify a toilet to help someone unable to use a traditional toilet.

Medipedic Folding Commode
Our Price : Rs 1689
If you suffer from knee pain than using Indian style toilets can become quite impossible. And let’s face it, not every home has a western style bathroom. What you need is a Medipedic Folding Commode which is easily foldable, has strong hand grip, and an antimicrobial plastic seat & cover. The bowl easily slides out from both sides and the rubber floor grips ensure the commode stays firmly in place.

Vissco Medipedic Commode Plain Features :
  • Space Saving
  • Rigid Support
  • Universal Fit
  • Adjustable Support
Severe knee pain Homes where Western toilet is not present in spite of patients need.
Mobile Shower Chair
Our Price : Rs 6800

Rolling Toilet Chair in Chromed steel frame, Flip-up long padded armrest. Its 5” front and rear castor with locking system, Swing-away and detachable footrest and backrest easily removable.

Rolling Shower Commode Chair Features :

  • Chromed steel frame
  • Flip-up long padded armrest
  • 5” front and rear castor with locking system
  • Swing-away and detachable footrest
  • Backrest easily removable without tools.

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