Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Ease of Living Adjustable Quad-Foot Walking Cane

A quad cane is a mobility device that aids walking and mobility. It is similar to a standard cane, but it has a metal base on the bottom with four small feet that extend off the base. These feet have rubber caps that help reduce slippage on the floor. Quad canes are usually made of lightweight aluminum and are adjustable with a small push button. Quad Canes or broad-based canes focus on balance support with comfort just as an offset cane, but quad canes offer additional stability support. The base of a quad cane has four points meeting the ground. This also allows to let go of the quad cane and it will stand up alone. Quad canes come with large quad bases or with mini quad bases, both of which offer extra support for the user.

The main reason to use a quad cane instead of a regular cane is that a quad cane provides better stability than a regular cane for some users. A Quad Walking Cane is often prescribed for patients who have been using a wheeled walker, and can progress to a device with less support. It may be used for patients who use a wheeled walker, but need to go upstairs, and can’t do that with a walker. Quad canes are good choices for those who go outdoors and for those who walk on carpeting, cement or rough surfaces, and need support for balance and stability. Patients who have conditions, such as a stroke, which cause imbalance and weakness, or who have had hip replacement surgery often use quad canes as prescribed.

A Quad Cane has four small feet that are used to give additional support if timid of using a single
Quad Walking Cane
  • Our Price :Rs 790
point cane due to balance. Quad Canes come in both large base and small base depending on the balance or whether using this during rehabilitation therapist may recommend one over another. Large base Quad canes simply extend their legs a little further away from the base of the cane giving a larger platform and requiring less balance on the part.

Types of Quad Canes:
There are basically two types of quad canes: wide and narrow base quad canes. Wide base quad canes have a larger base where the four legs are attached. This helps provide more support and improved stability while walking. A wide base quad cane is heavier and may be more difficult to maneuver.

A narrow base quad cane has a narrower base where the legs are attached. Although this provides less support than a wide base Elderly Aids, it is easier to lift and maneuver while walking.

Quad Walking Cane
Lightweight and comfortable hand grip with metal base. Provides firm and sturdy support. Easy lock pin height adjustable. Helps those with poor balance. Light weight with excellent stability. Attractive finish resist marring and scratching. Push button adjustment mechanism with locking ring.

Quad Walking Cane Features
  • Height Adjustable
  • Moulded Handle
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Durable and stable design
  • Lightweight Steel Body
  • Adjustable Height ( 65 cm - 88 cm).

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