Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Forearm Crutch with Comfortable Hand Grip for Elderly People

While traditional crutches (also referred to as underarm crutches) are supported by pads that the user secures between his or her rib cage and upper arm, forearm crutches work differently. 

Forearm Walking Crutch
Our Price : Rs 900
This style of walking aid is used by inserting the arm into a partial cuff and taking hold of the handles that lie on the anterior side either crutch. If you struggle with mobility or balance when using an underarm variant, you may find that this style provides you with greater stability.

Forearm crutches are meant to be a mobility solution for long term use due to a more comfortable grip than standard walking crutches. The forearm part of the Forearm Walking Crutch helps you stabilize yourself while using less pressure on your hands, thus creating the most comfortable grip.

Forearm Crutch Features :
  • It is used by slipping the arm into a cuff and holding the grip.
  • This crutch is designed for long-term use
  • Aluminium tube height is adjustable
  • It has comfortable hand grip
  • Gives a very firm and secure support to the user
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • Karma Forearm Crutch is made of an aluminum tube with plastic arm cuff
  • Forearm crutches are crutches with a cuff at the top to go around the forearm.

Benefits of forearm crutches over underarm crutches :
There must be something to the fact that forearm crutches are the preferred walking aid among long term crutch users. Or, just ask anyone that has had to endure the use of underarm crutches for more than a couple of weeks, and most will tell of a painful and sometimes debilitating experience. From armpits rubbed raw to major wrist pain and in some cases, permanent nerve damage, Pediatric Crutches can at times cause more harm than the original injury. However, underarm crutches are still a common walking aid and for some, may be their only option.

The good news is, forearm crutches are an amazing solution and can prevent the pain, discomfort and injuries caused by underarm crutches. Yes, they can take a bit more time to adapt to and in the case of non-weight bearing applications, are typically best suited for more active individuals. Nevertheless, the pros far outweigh any cons and everyone requiring crutches should experience forearm crutches for themselves.

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