Thursday, 8 December 2016

Raised Toilet is Usually for Seniors with Mobility Issues

It’s well known that the bathroom can be a very dangerous place for a senior with mobility issues, so choosing the right Raised toilet seat is extremely important. A raised toilet seat helps those who have a hard time using a regular toilet by Raising the height of the seat instead of having to raise the whole toilet or install a new one. Whether it is hard for Them to bend down or they struggle to get up, this product can be a great help.
Handicap Toilet Seat Riser
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The most common use of a raised toilet is usually for seniors with mobility issues, patients with low strength and dose Who don’t have good balance. For these people, an Handicap Toilet Seat Riser can make going to the bathroom safer, easier and More secure. However, depending on the situation, this might not always be the answer; sometimes a more permanent solution May be required. For some people, a commode would be more appropriate. If you’re not sure, check here for the why’s and How’s about getting a commode.

Standard raised toilet seats raise the seating height from anywhere between 2-6 inches. The total raise height required Depends on the height of the patient. When considering the height adjustment, it is important to find a height that will Leave the patient feeling safe and secure. To this effect, be sure that the patient’s feet will be resting comfortably on The floor.

For a patient that needs a raised toilet seat for a short period of time and needs minimal help getting up and down, there Is the option of a non-locking raised toilet seat, which rests on top of the current toilet but is not locked or screwed In. When considering this option, remember that it is not firmly secured onto the toilet, and may be a safety concern for Those with low mobility or high dependence. In such situations, a grab bar or toilet safety rails can be helpful, offering Something to hold onto for increased steadiness.

For those that need more stability, an elevated toilet seat that has the ability to be locked in place is recommended. Because these are firmly fixed onto the toilet, they provide a safer solution for those who are less stable on their own.

Both of these options come with or without arms. In both cases, if the patient feels the need to put a lot of weight on These arms, it would be safer to get separate toilet rails or grab bars, since putting too much weight on the raised Toilet seat can cause it to flip off the toilet and creating a real falling hazard.

Raised toilet seats come in many sizes and shapes. It is extremely important to make sure the product you purchase fits Properly. Make sure you have the correct measurements before buying an elevated toilet seat, as many stores will not Accept the return once the product touches the toilet. Check if your toilet seat is standard or elongated, and buy a A product that is designed for the type you have. Also consider the weight capacity of the product you are considering, and If necessary, consider the Bariatric raised toilet seat options. You can also choose an elevated toilet seat that is Padded for comfort, unless you prefer the easy-to-clean feature of the non-padded version.Once you receive the raised toilet seat of your choosing, take care to install it properly to ensure full safety and security.

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