Monday, 26 December 2016

Walking Aids Help Elderly Avoid Falls

Mobility aids are adaptive equipment devices used to increase independent mobility for special needs children and adults with disabilities or are recovering from injury. Variety of mobility aids, from pediatric rollators to walkers and crutches that provide the opportunity for improved walking ability. Walking and Mobility aids can make a huge difference with aiding an individuals independence. Choosing the right walking mobility aid can help to increase a person's level of confidence and safety when moving about both at home and outside. Walking sticks are regular companions to people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of the type of walking. Anything from a simple afternoon stroll to a rigorous multi-day hike through the woods can be aided by a walking stick.

Walking aids Supports for people with muscle weakness, joint disease or balancing problems. They include plain walking sticks, sticks with three or four small feet, light alloy frame ‘walkers’, elbow crutches and walking calipers. Mobility aids or mobility products are designed to allow patients or the elderly more independence when it comes to moving from one spot to the other. Most mobility aids do not require assistance or may require very little assistance, from a guide or a therapist, for the patient to use. Mobility Aids For The Elderly are products designed to accommodate and support patients and the elderly when walking. Examples of these products are walking canes and walkers. These items may also be prescribed for therapeutic reasons, especially to those who may be recovering from injuries or posture correction. Walking aids can be used in combination with mobility aids or can be used independently.

Tynor Walking Stick Soft Top Handle
Tynor Walking Stick with soft top handle is a walking stick especially made for patients who are physically challenged or weak or old enough to walk without support. It consists of special grade of aluminum which is responsible for its strength, durability and lightweight. It has a height adjustment feature ensuring proper load bearing and a pod which is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). It possesses an anti slip property enhancing its stability and comfortable grip that boosts patient confidence.
You can purchase Tynor walking stick with soft top handle at low price.
Tynor Walking Stick Soft Top Handle
  • Our Price :Rs 395

Tynor Walking Stick Soft Top Handle Features
  • Made out of sturdy aluminium
  • Light weight
  • Good weight bearing
  • Convenient handling
  • Pu coated
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Long life of the coating
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Good functioning

The Tripod Walking Cane is the perfect solution for the elderly, the physically challenged, or patients who have trouble walking, or standing. The tripod name comes from three robust legs, which provide balance and stability. The barrel and the handle are contoured and shaped to provide even weight distribution. The barrel has holes, allowing the user to adjust the height of the stick as per convenience. A walking cane is useful for weak or injured leg or have minor balance difficulties. Improper use of a cane can set off-balance. Using a cane properly makes walking safer and less painful.
Tripod Walking Cane
  • Our Price :Rs 550

  • High Strength and durability
  • Pleasant Aesthetics
  • Height adjustment feature
  • Anti slip pods
  • Light in weight
  • Good weight bearing
  • Long life 
  • Excellent workmanship
Tripod Walking Cane
  • Aluminum tubing with steel welded low base
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • Height adjustable: 71.5-94.3cm
  • Base size: 18-22cm

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