Thursday, 22 December 2016

Walking Stick - An Essential Support For Senior Citizens

Walking sticks used to be boring and restricted to a more or less single pattern. These days, sticks for walking support are available in various sizes and shapes. There are eve adjustable walking sticks made of various products such as wood, plastic or metal to choose from. These are considered to be perfect for people who are old or suffer from any type of disabilities. Adjustable sticks come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. People who are blind to certain colors can easily find a stick of a color of their choice. There are also sticks in neutral colors that can match any type of clothing, and are perfect for using in a corporate meeting, seminar, parties or even for casual morning walks.

There are two types of people use Walking Aids For The Elderly. Those who have suffered some injury or have pain the foot, leg or knees due to arthritis and need external support. Those, because of age (wear and tear) have lost balance of gait and require a third leg to support. The most important obvious reason is to support and help in balancing while walking when we get old. Its use adds to mental comfort, a sense of self confidence, dignity, style, prestige and so on also.
Elbow Crutches
  • Our Price :Rs 600

Elbow Crutches
Elbow Crutch with Strap is made up of anodized aluminum with telescopic height adjustment. It is designed as per bio mechanical principles for proper weight distribution. However, it is more durable due to its plastic sleeves which reduce the friction between upper and lower tube. It has total forearm support with nylon cliff with suction rubber tip for better grip on any surface.
For elderly patients & amputees.

Elbow Crutches Features
  • Better support and stability for elderly patients
  • Temporary ambulation with plaster cast
  • Patients using bilateral or unilateral limb orthosis
  • Amputees using a prosthesis
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight 

Walking Stick Handles gives a firm grip to the hand. The fancy decorative shape of the handle portion of a walking stick depends only upon the manufacturer's imagination and the taste. Most walking sticks are thought of to be a straight, long stick either with a straight or curved handle but there are actually various different types depending on the individual need of the user. It is not the only type of mobility aid or ambulatory device but is among the most flexible, least cumbersome and easy to use.
Invalid New Folding Adjustable Walking Stick L Shape
  • Our Price :Rs 550

Invalid New Folding Adjustable Walking Stick L Shape
A folding walking stick to help elderly and disabled get around quickly and easily. Made of aluminium, adjustable height. Idea gift for those you love. Lightweight, compact & portable, Can be easily folded and carried conveniently. Ideal for senior citizens on the move. Buy now for lowest price online, free home delivery.

Invalid New Folding Adjustable Walking Stick L Shape Features
  • Made of aluminum
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Plastic 'L' shaped handle
  • 4 section folding
  • 5 sections adjustable height
  • Adjustable length 81 - 91 cm (32 - 36")
  • Portable

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