Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tricycle Specially For Disabled People

Tricycles are mobility devices that can be custom built for individuals with disabilities that inhibit their ability to ride a typical bike or tricycle.  Some of these disabilities include, but are not limited to, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Angelman Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Down Syndrome, and visually impaired.  These tricycles offer a multitude of features that can benefit your child or youth, to allow them the joy of bike riding.

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Some features include:  increased trunk support, rear control steering, assisted pedaling, adjustable handlebars, and foot strapping.  By utilizing a Concepts Tricycle as part of your child’s physical therapy treatment you are providing them with a fun activity as well as cardiovascular benefits, stimulation of reciprocal leg movement which is essential for walking and crawling, muscular strengthening and endurance training, vestibular stimulation, and upper extremity use for activities such as steering.
Tricycle Regular Single Hand Drive
price 6700 INR
Many children start out on a tricycle before moving on to a bike. Tricycles offer a safe way for toddlers and young children to begin developing the skills necessary to balance and ride on two wheels. Adults can get enjoyment out of tricycles as well as building strength and improving fitness. The stability offered by having a third wheel is just one reason why tricycles make a good choice for fun and exercise at any age.

In addition to providing Concepts Tricycles for treatment purposes, Starfish Therapies is also an assessment center and can assist you in finding the perfect tricycle for your child.  
Visit Wheelchair india for more information about their Tricycle For Handicapped Children   products.  Please contact us to find out how this piece of equipment can be beneficial for your child.

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  1. That is a pretty cool hand operated tricycle. I'd like to be able to get out and do more vigorous exercising. I think that this bike would give me more of a workout than my wheelchair would. Have you noticed whether the bike has done that for you or not?