Specialist Tricycle Will Give Disabled Boy The Chance To Finally Play With His Friends

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A 7-year-old boy from Southport, who was born with a medical condition that restricts his ability to play with his friends, is set to have much more fun in the playground thanks to receiving a Specialist Tricycle.

Matthew Evans, who has Kabuki Syndrome, a condition which left him with a narrowing aorta in his heart, and weak muscle tone in his legs, was unable to walk until he was 3½-years-old. Although he can now walk by himself he can be unsteady on his feet. 
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As a result he's found it difficult to play outside with other children, often having to watch them from indoors.

Matthew's mum, Kathryn, explained that the tricycle has had an immediate impact on her sons quality of life: "He's taken to it so well. Until now the lack of power in his legs made him unable to pedal. But the new tricycle has been engineered to make pedalling that much easier, and now he pedals everywhere with a huge smile on his face."

The tricycle has a steering rod which enables Kathryn, along with dad Frank, to steer whilst Matthew puts in the leg work; further developing the muscle tone in is limbs.

Kathryn explained that it's not just about physical development: "Obviously, the more Matthew uses the tricycle the more strength he will develop in his legs, however, it's also making him a more confident boy. He's pushing himself to go faster and he's now much more involved with other children. He's competing against them, so the tricycle is improving him both physically and emotionally."
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Matthew's 4-year-old sister, Laura, is also benefiting from the tricycle as it allows the whole family to go out together. This has helped in further developing her relationship with her brother and he's even allowed her to have a go on his new tricycle: "Matthew has let her ride it a couple of times, in the garden, but she knows that it's his 'special' bike," said Kathryn.


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