Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Basic Wheelchair Measurements

  • Durable tig-welded frame in gray powder coat finish.
  • Comfortable nylon upholstery.
  • Smooth-rolling, solid flat-free tires.
  • Dual axle hemi-height adjustable.
  • Available with desk length removable or full length permanent arm styles.
  • Available with detachable legrest or detachable elevating legrest.
  • Picture is representative of this wheelchair line; please check specification table on each individual sku for specific product details.

Basic Wheelchair Information-

-Foldable, even when the user is seated on it, allowing them to pass through narrow paths.

- Made of aluminum and high resistance polymers.

- It absorbs floor irregularities.

- Highly resistant and comfortable.

- Height adjustable and removable footrests with no need of tools.

- Removable armrests (no tools needed).

- Customizable lateral fairings.

- Optional Quick Release.

Folding wheelchairs are perfect for travel; they are lightweight in design which makes them easy to fit in the car, bus or train. Some of our models even come with a bag such as this one, which means they can be easily transported and quickly stored when not in use. A folding wheelchair is more compact than a conventional wheelchair which makes them ideal for storing, especially in homes with limited storage space.

Seat width and depth-
If the chair is too big or too small it will be difficult to use and uncomfortable.

Pelvic (hip) position and support-
If your hips are not positioned well, it might be hard to use your arms and it could make you tired. Basically, your hips are the base of your support when you are sitting, it is important to know if they are straight or if one side is higher than the other.

A VERY important part of the wheelchair! You need to feel stable and have a cushion that will decrease the possibility of a pressure sore. Ideally, the clinic will pressure map you sitting on the cushion.

Leg support-
Footrest angle, leg rest length, foot support (strap?) – it is important your feet are aligned well so you have as much support to sit up as well as possible. You can what feels most supportive.

Appropriate trunk support-
The back support of the wheelchair will help you stay upright and increase your endurance. Just like a good seat in a car, if it is comfortable and you are able to move as freely as possible and have the support you need, you can drive longer and be more alert.

Back support-
You might want a low back or a high back. A low back will give you more room to move your arms, but has less back support. A high back will provide more support, but might limit your arm movement.

Chest support-
Lateral supports (supports the side of your chest) or chest strap (a strap on your chest if you are worried you will fall forward). These features help you keep your balance when leaning forward, or to the side.

You might want a head support if you feel it gives you the necessary support while driving your chair or if your wheelchair seat is able to tilt back.

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