Tricycle Specially For Disabled People

Tricycle  For Disabled People with disabilities have often been excluded from mobility and access opportunities.  Certainly, our public transport system has some way to go before it is even close to being accessible to everyone.  With cycling for people with disabilities becoming one of the fastest-growing areas of interest in the cycling world, it is likely that cycling with its versatile simplicity and low running costs will succeed in providing access where other forms of transport have failed.  Small-scale manufacturers are combining innovation with positive attitude and designing cycles that meet abilities. 

“Most of the people who depend on these tricycles are daily wage workers who have to travel long distances every day. The regular tricycles have no suspension and the riders are prone to spinal injuries. Most of them also cannot
afford good medical care, and driving these tricycles for a long time affects their
back,” he added.

We have several bicycles for people who have a problem with cycling. We produce special bicycles, tricycles, tricycles for children, adult tricycles, tandems, side by side bikes, wheelchair bikes, wheelchair transport bikes, a walking aid and a bicycle for the transport of 8 children.

  • Lower extremity strengthening
  • Reciprocal leg motion patterning
  • Balancing skills
  • Using visual, spatial perception for steering
  • Social interaction with peers and neighbors

1.good quality and useful tricycle 
2.for reasonable price 

The most important requirements were:

The stability of the tricycle is very important for the safety of the user. This can be achieved by making the wheelbase wide enough and the center of gravity as low as possible but limited by the space needed for the legs of the user.

Driving comfort 
The correct position of the propulsion handles is necessary for easy and comfortable driving.

Many existing tricycles are very heavy (more than 40 kg) which makes them difficult to drive. Due to the asymmetrical construction of this tricycle design, the weight is relatively low; around 30 kg.

Sitting comfort 
The sitting comfort is important, especially for disabled people who have to sit for long periods of time. If the pressure on the buttocks is too high (due to a bad surface or a footrest which is too high) the blood circulation will be bad. For a comfortable seat the following dimensions are important: seat-depth, seat-width, back-height, armrest-height and footrest-height. The footrest is adjustable to the individual user. Cushions are important to avoid pressure sores on the driver's buttocks and springs will absorb shocks during driving.

Costs depend highly on local circumstances; material costs, labor costs, number of tricycles in the series, etc. They are intended, however, to be kept as low as possible.


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