Saturday, 28 February 2015

Folding Ultralight Wheelchairs

Folding Ultralight Wheelchairs is one of the lightest of all manual wheelchairs, compact size, easy to carry with its foldable nature. Folding Ultralight Wheelchair is ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage, and mostly used while travelling.

Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair are quite similar to the lightweight wheelchairs but offer more adjustability for even more fine tuning to the user's needs. They are more expensive than the ultralight models but are basically ordered the same way with similar options. The difference is really most noticeable after delivery when all the adjustments become evident while setting the chair up.

They are designed for users who are going to be using the chair daily for most of their mobility needs and spend many hours a day in the wheelchair but also lead a more active lifestyle and are looking for a little better performance.

Seat Widths and Depths
Most models of wheelchair in the ultralight folding category offer standard sizes from 12" to 20" in 1" increments a some will even allow for custom orders for in between sizes of seat width.

Seat Heights

Seat to floor heights of this category can be anywhere from 14" to 22" and will often be up to 2" lower at the back of the seat to create what is known as "dump". 


Armrests on ultralight folding wheelchairs, depending on the model, can be exactly the same as the lightweight wheelchair category or be simple padded tubes which will swing away or be taken off when not required. Many users of this category of wheelchair don't use arms at all and any arm chosen when ordering will incur an upcharge.


Ultralight wheelchairs will have a few options for footrests. They normally come in 70° and 60° angles for adults and chairs that are sized for children will also have the option of 90°. The less the leg length or the higher one wants their feet from the ground the lower the angle should be. Steeper angles (70° and 90°) will also limit caster sizes in most wheelchairs to the smaller sizes.

Travel Wheelchair is a ultra lightweight aluminium wheelchairs.Travel  wheelchairs fit neatly into the boot of a car and are ideal for use on holiday, for days out or for short shopping trips.The Light Travel Wheelchair in a Holdall is an ultra lightweight aluminium wheelchairs which fold into its own bag for easy transportation and storage.

Travel Wheelchair Features:

 Corrosion resistant body
 Movable armrest
 High comfort level
Price - 8975 INR

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