Friday, 27 February 2015

High Back Reclining Wheelchair

Reclining high back and adjustable headrest
Aluminium frame, detachable pillow and detachable armrest
Elevating footrest, swing away detachable footrest, leatherette upholstery
Solid rear wheel, solid castor, seat belts available
Size: 46 cm (18”)

Reclining Commode wheelchair are specially designed and has the attachment of commode for in house use, it can be used for DUAL PURPOSE of wheelchair cum commode for aged and physically challenged people and can be  used for indoor toileting purpose.

Reclining Commode wheelchair is a triple function wheelchair. It can be used to transfer the patient from place to place. It can be reclined comfortably, like a bed. It can also be used as a movable commode chair for the patient's use.

  • Has a padded wooden seat with steel reinforcements to support the patient and reduce stretching and sagging as compared to ordinary leatherette upholstery wheelchairs
  • Padded seat has a cutout to allow the patient conveniently release wastes without the patient having to stand up to remove cover
  • Also includes a removable pail with cover
  • Aluminum alloy frame to prevent rusting and is lightweight
  • Padded armrests which are detachable
  • Elevating footrests with leg supports
  • Back can be reclined, whole wheelchair can be adjusted up to 180 degrees
  • With two handbrakes for the wheels to keep the wheelchair in place
  • Mag wheels that are more durable and easier to maneuver
  • With extended headrest and pillow
  • Anti-tilt device to prevent the wheelchair from toppling over when fully reclined

Reclining wheelchairs have a high back that reclines independently of the rest of the air, allowing the user to lie back in a more comfortable position.Reclining wheelchairs can move the seat, back, and leg rests together, allowing the user to move around with more stability.

Reclining wheelchairs can offer great advantages
  • Reclining backs and moving seats allow for the most comfort and ease of use. Custom cushions can be designed to prevent pressure on certain points of the body.
  • Restraint systems can be built into the frame, allowing for more safety and security.
  • Seating trays, armrests, customized leg rests, lay trays, and communication mounts can easily be added to most reclining wheelchairs.

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