Friday, 20 February 2015

Karma Vip 515 And Karma Premium Wheelchair Aurora 4 F24

Karma VIP 515 is a revolutionary lightweight folding tilt in space wheelchair that uses exclusive perfectly-matched gas struts for an intelligent center-of-gravity weight shifting seat which provides wheelchair users a wide choice of tilt- in-space angles. The VIP reaches unprecedented pressure releasing effects to reduce the risk of bedsores.The end result is the relaxed and peaceful mind and body of users.A folding, attendant propelled, tilt in space wheelchair with a removable adjustable height headrest and a folding backrest. If features an ergonomically designed curved seat, height adjustable, lift up armrests and swing away legrests.

  • Intelligent 0-35 center-of-gravity weight shifting Tilt-in-space seat shifts pressure to reduce pressure sores.
  • aegis Microbe Shield permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier upholstery protects from odor, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms.
  • Bio-technology: paint coating uses special anti-Bacterial materials.
  • Collapses to only 77x34x77cm when the backjoint is folded and headrest removed for easy transport.
  • Height adjustable flip-back armrests.                                                    

Wheel chairs are among the most important products in the health and mobility aids segment, as these are one of the main tools used in transferring the immobile, and are needed at all times, both in homes as well as in hospitals. Wheel chairs are needed in public places as well, such as airports and railway stations, where the elderly or the invalid need to be moved into a vehicle. At such times, it helps to be aided by a wheel chair that combines the best of technology and facilities, without being too heavy or cumbersome. And the Karma Premium Wheel Chair Aurora 4 F24 is the ideal product to pick. Armed with detachable headrests and armrests and an elevating footrest, this chair provides the user maximum comfort. With its light-weight metal frame, this wheel chair is easy to manoeuvre and yet, very sturdy and reliable.
  • Karma Aurora 4 Recline Premium Wheelchair is an ultra light weight aluminum alloy frame wheelchair.
  • It has detachable armrest and elevating footrest for maximum comfort.
  • Ultra-light weight aluminum alloy frame.
  • The Karma Premium Wheel Chair Aurora 4 F24 is designed for comfort as well as efficiency. 
  • It is light-weight and yet strong, and can take more weight but is still easily manoeuvrable.
  • The Karma Premium Wheel Chair Aurora 4 F24 combines good looks with able performance.
  • The wheel chair is aimed with very comfortable armrests, headrest and footrests.

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