Friday, 6 February 2015

Blood Pressure Machines and It's Features

Public blood pressure machines, such as those found in pharmacies, may not be accurate. They may not have been properly maintained, and the cuff may not be the correct size for you, depending on the size of your arm. You shouldn't rely on public blood pressure machines to regularly measure your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Machines Features to consider

Features on home blood pressure monitors can vary widely, from simple manual models to fully automated devices that allow you to send data to your doctor's office through your phone line or Internet connection. Here are some general features to consider when choosing a blood pressure monitor:

Blood Pressure Machines: Cuff size
Having a properly fitting cuff is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a home blood pressure monitor. Many monitors are available with different-sized cuffs to fit different-sized arms. Poorly fitting cuffs will not give accurate blood pressure measurements. Ask your doctor or nurse what cuff size you need.

Blood Pressure Machines: Display
The BP Machine display that shows your blood pressure measurement should be clear and easy to read.

Blood Pressure Machines: Stethoscope
If you get a monitor with a stethoscope, you must be able to place it correctly in your ears and to clearly hear the sounds through it. You must also know how to interpret those sounds something your doctor or nurse can teach you.

Blood Pressure Machines: Accuracy
Check with your doctor or the manufacturer to be sure the monitor has been validated, meaning its readings are accurate and repeatable. Only validated instruments can be relied on for accurate readings. You should bring your monitor to your doctor's office to compare the measurements your monitor gives you with the measurements taken at Blood Pressure Machine Price In India your doctor's office. Do this yearly to make sure your monitor is still working properly.

One way to choose an accurate monitor is to check the lists of validated home blood pressure monitors available from the Dabl Educational Trust and the British Hypertension Society. These organizations have tested many types of monitors and post their findings on their websites. Keep in mind, however, that if the monitor you use doesn't appear as a recommended monitor on the lists, it doesn't mean your monitor isn't effective.

Blood Pressure Machines: Cost
Your health insurance may not cover the cost of a home blood pressure monitor. Prices can vary from as little as Net Price Rs- 1470  for automatic devices that come enhanced with memory and electronic printout ability.

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