Monday, 2 February 2015

Reclining Wheelchair Backrest

Reclining Wheelchair are specially designed to allow a person to comfortably recline at incremental angles safely and comfortably. Recliner Wheelchairs work better with Elevating Leg rests  (ELRs); the user's legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort and health benefits.  The “ELRs” are optional on some models and standard on others.  Be sure to ask about which type of ELR is best suitable for your seating and position needs. On some wheelchairs this is an option so be sure to check the options and accessories when purchasing.  Tilt in Space wheelchairs are often considered for those who seek the best product in a reclining wheelchair or tilt in space wheelchair.

  • Infinite position reclining goes from 90 degrees to 140 degrees with quick adjust handles.
  • Full back and head support is provided by 22" high back and 10" removable headrest.
  • Carbon steel frame with chip-resistant chrome plating.
  • Anti-tippers standard.
  • Durable vinyl upholstery.

Reclining wheelchairs are available in standard folding frames with extended head supports and seat widths up to 24" wide. The recline mechanism is attendant operated with levers much like a bicycle brake lever. The levers operate hydraulic (pump) mechanisms for a smooth adjustment. Using this reclining mechanism, the chair back can easily and frequently be positioned to any angle.

Flexible Back Positioning:
The Reclining chairs offer unlimited back re-positioning for more patient comfort, better blood circulation, and to aid in sleeping.

Work best with ELRs:
Recliner Wheelchairs work better with Elevating Legrest so patients legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort. On some chairs this is an option so be sure to check the options and accessories when purchasing a Recliner Chair.

Only the Back moves:
On recliner wheelchairs the back reclines but the seat bottom stays in-place.

Benefits of Reclining Wheelchairs

Comfort – Recliner wheelchairs greatly improve the comfort factor of being in a wheelchair. Many scenarios such as lying down, reclining under desks, and eating with food trays are much easier.

Pressure Sores – The ability to recline helps distribute body weight and reduce pressure sores.

Edema and Circulation – Wheelchair users who have edema in their legs benefit greatly from reclining. It helps improve circulation and the natural flow of nutrients throughout the body.

Transfers – Transferring from a reclining wheelchair to a bed is much easier than the standard wheelchair. The wheelchair can be adjusted to the same elevation as the bed; the user only needs to slide from the chair to the bed.

Hypo-tension – Hypotension is the medical term for low blood pressure. In many cases, elevating the feet reduces the symptoms of low blood pressure.

Bladder and Bowel function – Reclining is also beneficial for bladder and bowel function. Certain forms of catheterization are also easier in a reclined position.

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