Friday, 27 February 2015

Self-Care with CP Pediatric Wheelchair

Pediatric Wheelchair is designed especially for children and offers the maximum in safety and comfort that is sure to put smiles on the faces of parents and children alike.The precision crafted reclining mechanism provides ultra smooth reclining performance and comes standard with swing away detachable elevating legrests.

Pediatric wheelchairs are provided unsurpassed quality and style, specializing in compact-folding, lightweight wheelchairs for children of all ages – from toddlers to teens! Custom built to your child's specific needs, our mobility aids offer rehabilitative benefits for physical disabilities from Cerebral Palsy to Autism.

For CP Child Self-care is any activity where child do to care for themselves. For many children with CP, parents are heavily involved in self-care activities, parents can easily promote their child for self care with the help of CP Pediatric wheelchair. Now a days technology breaks the bearrier between helping hand and self-care. Self-care activities, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, can be difficult for children with CP Wheelchair as self-care depends primarily on use of the upper limbs. For those living with CP, impaired upper limb function affects almost 50% of children and is considered the main factor contributing to decreased activity and participation. As the hands are used for many self-care tasks, sensory and motor impairments of the hands make daily self-care more difficult. Motor impairments cause more problems than sensory impairments. The most common impairment is that of finger dexterity, which is the ability to manipulate small objects with the fingers.

Following CP Wheelchair helps a child in Self-Care

CP Wheelchair

Price: 15500 INR
CP Wheelchair Features:
  • Ultra light weight aluminum alloy frame
  • Epoxy powder coated frame
  • Detachable arm rest provided
  • Height adjustable and detachable head rest
  • Hydraulic reclining high back for a comfortable posture
  • Detachable back and seat pad
  • Extra cushion upholstery provided to under arm, head. 
  • Hand brakes provided
  • Safety belt provided
  • Maintenance free rear solid wheels
  • Cloth look like water proof upholstery
  • Seat Width  14"
  • Net Weight: 19.5 kgs

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