Thursday, 26 February 2015

Specialty Recline Wheelchairs

  • Reclining Wheelchair Commode can be folded within very easily within seconds, making it easier during travels and outings.
  • The backrest of the chair can be easily reclined, giving the user the freedom to relax by not moving up from the chair
  • Footrest can be inclined and adjusted so as to make the user comfortable during reclining or otherwise
  • A well padded thigh support is an add-on to the footrest
  • Front and rear wheels of the chair are designed and placed in such a way so as to support the reclining of the user, making it a very safe and friendly wheelchair
  • A inbuilt commode has its seat just underneath the main seat of the chair; it can be used by just removing the main seat
  • Reclining Wheelchair can also be folded from between by just removing the commode and the chair's seat
  • A Dual braking system is provided; one at the user's disposal and the other alongside the Assistant's Handle.

Features of Reclining Wheelchair:

1) Foldable Chromed Steel Frame
2) Plastic Commode Seat
3) Reclining High Back
4) Detachable Armrest & Elevating Footrest
5) Solid Castor & Rear Wheel
6) Dual Braking System
7) Padded Thigh Support
8) Easy to fold and unfold within seconds.

Reclining wheelchairs are used by those who sit in a wheelchair for long periods of time and need variation in position. We carry a large selection of reclining wheelchairs for sale including Invacare reclining wheelchairs, Drive reclining wheelchairs, Everest and Jennings reclining wheelchairs and tilt and recline specialty wheelchairs.

Reclining Wheelchair makes the users feel comfortable when lying in a wheelchair. Consequently, the long time users have less pressure and pain on the hips and the caudal vertebrae, decreasing the chance of producing swelling or pressure ulcers on the hips.

Recliner wheelchairs represent the highest standard in affordable quality, style and strength. The gray hammer tone finish is fashionable and durable. Comfortable padded black cloth material is re-enforced to prevent stretching and ripping. The high back includes a neck support to provide additional comfort for patient. The dual axle design allows for easy conversion from adult to hemi seat heights. They recline to full 180 degree positions, and have "Easy Adjust" foot riggings.

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