Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Standard Wheelchair Footrest Parts and High Quality Wondergel Seat Cushion

We supply almost every style of footrest parts and Gel Seat Cushion for a standard wheelchairindia. If we don't have parts that you're looking for, we'll try to find it just for you.

Wheelchair Footrest Parts
There are many different parts that go into a footrest even though it may look like it all comes in one piece. If one part on your wheelchair's footrest has been broken, you do not need to replace the entire thing. You're best option is coming to us here at and seeing what we have to offer. We do offer a wide variety of footrest parts that go to Wheelchair Footrest Parts. Anything from the footplates and footrest hangers all the way down to the hardware. Like we've stated before, if we don't have it we'll try and find it for you. Otherwise we will show and tell you about the best options you have.

High Quality Wondergel Seat Cushion
A high quality gel seat cushion is a vital part of managing, treating and preventing pressure injuries and promoting greater comfort. Access Health provides a variety of comfortable, durable Gel Seat Cushion designed specifically for long duration sitting or lying down. Our products are popular with health practitioners, carers and for people whose work requires long term sitting, such as truck drivers and office workers.
Reduced mobility significantly increases the risk of pressure sores, which can occur quickly and may be difficult to treat once they appear. Selecting a suitable gel product can assist in reducing the occurrence of sores and promote healing. Access Health are a leading supplier of gel seat cushions and can supply you, your loved one or patient with the right solution for reducing pressure pain.
Most standard pillows are unsuitable for sitting and lying down for lengths of time and can increase the risk of sores and discomfort. Access Health’s modern range of WonderGel seat cushions provides relief and support to the lower back and buttocks, reducing soreness and promoting an overall improvement to your posture.

Footrest Parts Help
If you have any questions or concerns finding the right wheelchair footrest parts for you, please do not hesitate to call our friendly customer service at +91-9893025003. We will be happy to assist you with every question you may have and guide you to the right footrest parts and other wheelchair parts for you.

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