Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Automatic Wheelchair Brakes system

Older auto lock wheelchair brakes being used in most nursing homes that are not user friendly. These fit on a manual folding wheelchair. Education is an important part of the Occupational Therapy role in fall prevention with the new brake systems on the market today.

Fall prevention also means ensuring the safety of those in wheelchairs who have dementia, Alzheimer’s, strokes or may be taking medications that affect clear thinking. These people are at the greatest risk for fall and do not remember to lock their wheelchair brakes, do not use their call light or ask for assistance.

The latest auto lock brake systems are easily installed on existing folding wheelchairs such as the Everest and Jennings, Invacare, Medline and Drive brands. Jerry Ford Company has developed a Safe-T-Chair System as well as the Safer Automatic Wheelchair Wheel Locks Company.

Net Price:Rs 343000
The Electronic Wheel chair advantages are many as approximately 50% of falls in nursing homes occur from wheelchair users not remembering to lock their brakes or using their arms to push up from the chair. These falls can result in the individuals sustaining fractures and costing the health care industry billions in dollars.

Why not invest in a safer method to decrease the chance of a fall from a moving wheelchair? The automatic locking brake systems that attach to the handle of a wheelchair and still allow the chair to fold and easily roll when the individual is walking is a win solution for the individual, the nursing staff and the facility.

Spring activated levers move and shift fixed gear blocks into contact with gear hubs mounted on each wheel when the individual gets up from the seat. The teeth lock together to prevent the chair from moving.

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