Saturday, 21 March 2015

Cerebral Palsy for Adults

Pediatric Wheelchair is Comfort mobility kids wheel chair - light and durable, designed for easy carrying and healthy movement with full precautions.pediatric wheelchairs specially designed wheelchairs are suitable for children up to 15 years of age and are capable for 50 kgs.Pediatric Wheelchairs are easy to handle and can be used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes

Pediatric Wheelchair Features-
  •  Padded seat and backrest for adding comfort
  •  Adjustable headrest and detachable armrest
  •  Adjustable seat angle
  •  Comes with safety belt, push to lock brakes
  •  Swing-away footrests with leg strap
Adults with cerebral palsy can face a large amount of extra bills that other adults don't normally have to deal.Wheelchairs For Cerebral Palsy Adults are typically not as great as those of a growing child, they can still be quite large.It is very important for adults with cerebral palsy to make sure they get adequate healthcare and that they needs are fully met.

Wheelchairs For Cerebral Palsy Adults Often times joint and muscle pain increases as a person with cerebral palsy ages because of the extra pressure and strain that spasticity can exert on bones and muscles. Arthritis can result from this at a relatively early age. Fatigue may also set in during adulthood, as the joints and spine of the person change due to the physical stress of spasticity. This can make it more difficult to breathe.

common physical problems that people with cerebral palsy-

Increased pain- Pain is the most common problem for older adults with cerebral palsy. The hip, knee, back and neck are the most common sites. People with cerebral palsy often have early-onset arthritis, as well.

Difficulty walking- Most of people with cerebral palsy who walk as children lose that ability as they get older, either because of pain, or because using a wheelchair or scooter becomes easier.

Falls- Falls are a concern among all older people. Because people living with cerebral palsy have decreased mobility, they are at  risk of falling more often, increasing the chance of serious injury.

Long-term effects from medications- Taking many medications for many years can cause a variety of long-term problems.

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