Monday, 23 March 2015

Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair

CP is a condition that effects the brain and nervous system and can cause many different symptoms ranging from extremely mild to extremely severe. 

C.P. Wheel chair Folding with Head & Side Supports for comfortable positioning of the child & is most suitable for children with special needs.
Net Price:R 15190
  • Frame : Tubular Aluminum Light Weight Frame with powder coated finish.
  • Seat : 33cm wide. Seat-Tilt is adjustable with Hand lever for comfort of child.
  • Backrest : Adjustable recline for comfortable back-support. Useful for the children, who have   tendency to bend forward.
  • Armrest : Adjustable in Height & are Detachable for easy transfer & fitted with Skirt Guard & Arm-  Supports.
  • Leg-rest: Detachable, Elevating and Swing-away Leg-rests are fitted with Leg supports.
  • Rear Wheel : 40cm dia. Mag wheels with solid Tyres.
  • Break : Forward Push safety / parking Breaks.
  • Ultra light weight aluminum alloy frame
  • Epoxy powder coated frame
  • Detachable arm rest provided
  • Height adjustable and detachable head rest
  • Hydraulic reclining high back for a comfortable posture
  • Detachable back and seat pad
  • Extra cushion upholstery provided to under arm, head. 
  • Hand brakes provided
  • Safety belt provided
Net Price:R 17444
Cerebral palsy is not a single condition; rather it describes a wide range of physical and developmental problems caused by injury or abnormal development in the immature brain, usually before birth.

People with cerebral palsy can have problems with:

  • Control of movement
  • Muscle tone
  • Weakness
  • Reflexes
  • Balance

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