Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Electric Scooters for Handicapped and Disabled Persons

Electric Scooters for Handicapped Persons Besides the practical and helpful side of the mobility scooters use, these vehicles also look good and stylish. This can boost the riders self-esteem and make him/her feel independent. Choose one of many different designs and enjoy.

Mobility scooters are used by many people who can’t walk long distances. Using mobility scooter can greatly increase your ability to move around independently and freely. Individuals that have a systematic disability or suffer from conditions that affect the lung, heart, or arthritis and obesity find the use of mobility scooters extremely helpful.

With all the many types and models of mobility scooters available, it won’t be a problem to find what you need. Scooters provide disabled people with a safe mode of transportation to the community building, park or nearest store. These vehicles are battery operated and can be three wheeled. Easy operation is achieved with the controls system, assembly system and digital panel system.

There are Primarily Two Types of Mobility Scooters-
  1. The front wheel drive
  2. The rear wheel drive
Side Wheel Attachment For Handicapped controlled by the rider using a switch or finger controls or by thumb pads as per the design of the scooter. Model with the front wheel drive is better for indoor use while the rear wheel drive owing to its superior control features can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Generally, weight capacity for a front wheel drive goes up to 250 pounds while that of the rear wheel drive is approximately 350 pounds.

Side Wheel Attachment For Handicapped
Side Wheel Attachment For Activa
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The type of personal mobility scooter you buy will depend upon several factors, such as the weight of the user, the way it will be used and its frequency. Inform your mobility dealer about all these factors. Keep your requirements in mind and don’t let anyone talk you into buying something that you don’t need. Buy a new mobility scooter from a reputable dealer. This will give you a sort of guarantee that the device is in perfect working order and will provide years of reliable service. Keep these additional elements in mind as well.

The mobility scooter be used to travel outdoors or indoors? Usually, mobility scooters can be used in both cases. Mobility scooter with 4 wheels is typically better for outdoors, but Three Wheel Motorcycle might be better to navigate in tight rooms because of smaller wheels and much smaller turning radius.

Three Wheel Motorcycle
Side Wheel Attachment Hero Splendor
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Mobility scooters are extremely useful to people who don’t have a lot of stamina or the strength in their shoulders and arms to maneuver the manual wheelchair. The swiveling seat has even more advantages when compared to the adjustable foot supports that are available in conventional wheelchairs.

Better Life Mobility is here to support you all the way through your search for the perfect mobility scooter.

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