Friday, 13 March 2015

Folding Wheelchair Lightweight Transport Chair

Lightweight Transport Chair Light and easily moved Strong steel frame, Ideal for traveling For indoors and outdoor use, with folding backrest, back upholstery, padded flip up desk style arms Pocket pouch on back of chair With parking brakes Detachable footrests 8" solid tyres Weight capacity 120kgs Weight of chair 11.5kg .

Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs are highly adjustable to meet the user's changing needs. Modular design and interchangeable frame components ensure the chair will continue fitting the rider correctly, while their folding design provides added convenience and ease of transportation.Lightweight Wheelchair can be stored easily as you simply fold up so that the size is compact (less than a 3rd of the normal size!). This also makes them very portable wheelchairs and with the lightweight can be placed in the boot of a car, carried onto a train or used to take abroad without the problems of using a normal manual wheelchair. 

  • folding wheelchairs
  • Strong aluminum frame in grey colour
  • Wheels have solid 8 inch tyres
  • Arms flip up into place with padded rests
  • Travel bag included

Wheelchair Transportation is a private provider of non-emergency medical transportation based in Hancock. It provides both local and long-distance (Marshfield and Mayo Clinic, among others) service to handicapped and non-handicapped customers. Wheelchair Transportation also provides direct services to institutions such as the Medical Care Facility and Cypress Manor nursing home.Paratransit vehicles available for transporting the elderly (seniors) and passengers with a disability range from wheelchair
accessible taxi's to modified vans and minibuses with ramps, lifts, and hoists.

Wheelchair Transportation provides both public and private disability transport services are professional drivers who are trained to handle people with disabilities and their needs who use their service. 

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