Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Karma Ergo Lite Wheelchair

Ergo Lite has basic functions of the Ergo Lite 2. Karma Ergo Lite is upgraded with 20" rear-wheel options and detachable footrest.It is said that the appropriate load for a woman to hand carry comfortably and with a lower risk of back injury is 10 kg.Ergo Lite is ultra-light at merely 8.5 kg, it is strong and safe. We believe it is the lightest wheelchair available on the market that has successfully passed crash tests. 

Net Price:Rs24981
Karma Ergo 115 Wheelchair  is equipped with the Unique S-Ergo (Smart Ergo) S shaped seat.S-Ergo design was developed over two years, after extensive testing by Karma’s Research and Development Department. The result is a leap forward in wheelchair design.Lightweight rear wheel drive, self propelled wheelchairs with a contoured seat and folding frame. They have a fold down backrest, swing away removable legrests and padded upholstery. Ergo 115 model has fixed armrests.S-Ergo seating system the Ergo 115 also has seat upholstery and pads treated with Aegis microbe shield, to reduce stains and odour.

‘Ergo' 115 is equipped with Karma's unique S-Ergo shaped seating system, which spreads the load and helps to prevent the occupant sliding down the seat. The S-Ergo seat has been pressure mapped for the optimum shape.In addition to the seating system the wheelchair benefits from detachable antibacterial upholstery treated with Aegis microbe shield.Ergo 115 also has swing away detachable footrest hangers.

Karma S Ergo 125 is a lightweight aircraft grade aluminium wheelchair which weights just 14,2 kg but can break down to 9kg (without wheels and footrest). The lightweight frame is braced by a system of double cross braces which increase the wheelchair’s strength and durability. The streamline oval tubes give the wheelchair it’s unique look and the flip back armrest offers a great convenience for transfers. Karma S Ergo 125 is design to give extra support for the elbow and the legrest gives great comfort and stabilization for both thigh and leg. S-Ergo 125 is a good choice for a performing stylish and comfortable wheelchair.Ergo 125 has lift back armrests. 
Net Price:Rs25382
  • Karma S Ergo 125 Wheelchair uses the S-Ergo seat technology to reduce sliding and to redistribute pressure for added comfort of the long term user.
  • Additional key features of this wheelchair are flip back arm rests making for an easy transfer, extended ergonomic arm pads designed for added support for the elbow and greater comfort, ergonomic wheel rims which are kinder to the users hands, oval tubed frame for added strength and Aegis microbe shield fabric to maintain a clean and bacteria free environment. 
  • Karma S Ergo 125 benefits from the S' Ergo seating that prevents slipping down the seat and promotes good posture by spreading load evenly.S-Ergo seat design has been pressure mapped for the optimum shape and support.
  • Karma S Ergo 125 has the advanced attendant braking system that allows gradual stopping and has the double cross braced frame which creates a very strong and stable wheelchair that will support users up to 115 KGs with ease and comfort.
  • Karma S Ergo 125 also has tune in centre footplates giving more support than the traditional design. 
  • Flip-back armrest
  • S-Ergo seat system
  • Swing in/out footrest hangers
  • Wire brake for attendent
  • Ergonomic handrim
  • Anti tippers
  • Comfortable durable upholstery with antimicrobial barrier
  • Folding frame and backrest
  • S-Style Ergonomic Seat
  • High strength, weighs only 25 lbs
  • Ergonomic handrim
  • Folding backrest/folding seat for easy travel

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