Saturday, 14 March 2015

Karma Wheelchair Headrest

Karma Wheelchair Headrest is a unique folding mechanism allows the wheelchair to fold with the headrest still in place. The padded headrest is height and depth adjustable. It also rotates on a ball joint allowing the user to find their optimim position.Compatible with most manual wheelchairs and some power chairs, tubing .The headrest only weights 1kg.

Features :
  • Easy to mount with tools provided.
  • Compatible with most manual wheelchairs and some power chairs 
  • Lightweight the total weight is just 1kg
Karma Travel Wheelchair are known for their comfort, ease of use and product quality. All Karma wheelchairs are built using aircraft grade aluminium which is very strong and has the added benefit of being lightweight.

Karma Travel Wheelchair is a unique folding wheelchair that takes up very little room. The innovative folding mechanism allows the wheelchair to fold in on itself, into a remarkably small easy to lift package.Karma Travel Wheelchair stands in its own footprint making it ideal for storage indoors and can also lie flat in the car boot allowing room for luggage. 
  • Unique folding mechanism
  • Flip back armrests
  • Comes complete with bag
KM-2500 Wheelchair is a manual wheelchair, its backrest folds-down for easy transportation. Ultra-light weight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame construction.
  • Attendant wheelchair
  • Best in class Material - Aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame.
  • Suitable for users living in limited   space and with attendant quick transit 
  • Attendant-friendly design due to its light weight and compact size.

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