Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Light Lightweight Wheelchairs

Light Weight Wheelchair are lighter weight than standard wheelchairs and are offered in more sizes to fit individuals who are spending much of the day in a wheelchair.Light Weight Wheelchair offer more color choices, and more adjustable components to allow for longer sitting tolerance. These chairs have the ability to accept seating options for individuals who need more support than upholstery can provide.

Lightweight wheelchair are typically designed with folding frames to decrease the overall width for storage or transport and with limited component adjustability and often do not allow adjustment of the rear axle location. While some lightweight wheelchairs do have adjustable axles, clinicians at the Center for Assistive Technology (CAT) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have stated that the range is usually not enough to have a large effect on the fit for a wheelchair user. If the wheelchair prescribed cannot be adjusted sufficiently to place the axle in the correct location for his or her body dimensions, it will negatively affect propulsion mechanics and, in turn, increase the risk of RSI, pain, and dysfunction in upper limbs, which may prematurely lead the wheelchair user to require a powered mobility device. 
  • Light weight wheelchairs enable disabled people to travel about easily.
  • Light weight wheelchair are available with standard foot rests or elevating leg rests.
  • Light-weight wheelchair fold compactly and can be easily transferred in and out of a car boot or back seat. 
  • Light weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable heights
Transport Wheelchairs are a perfect solution for anyone looking for a lightweight portable frame, which features smaller rear wheel size, to allow more portability.

Transport Wheelchairs is smaller wheels are used,they are designed to only be propelled by a caregiver or other individual, which explains why they are referred to as “companion chairs” in the industry. Chairs in this category weigh between 18-29 lbs., and most also feature swing-leg rests, and fixed armrests and side panels..

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