Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lightweight Ergonomic Wheelchair

Ergonomic Wheelchair series provides users with a large selection of ultra lightweight wheelchairs that can help improve your life. This series has features that include a high strength lightweight frame, foldable and easy to store, breathable anti-bacterial, anti-staining, removable and machine washable cushion. Also includes the exclusive S-Shape Seating System, which provides increased stability, better weight distribution and lowers the risk of pressure sores and spinal injury. The patented S-Shape Seating System that comes with every wheelchair model in this series provides an ergonomic seating frame that conforms and flexes to the shape of your body.

Ergonomic Wheelchair features an ergonomic "S" shaped seat that provides the perfect shape to fit the human body to relieve pressure, increase stabilization, weight distribution and lower the risk of pressure sores and scoliosis.

  • Ultra-Lightweight Frame & Riggings
  • Ergonomic S-Shape Seat Frame
  • Ergonomic grip built into the wheels you propel yourself in
  • Relieves pressure throughout your body
  • T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Fusion of form and function at its best with modern stylish designs and options
  • Tube In Center designed footrests protects legs from impacts
  • Extra wide and ergonomic concave arm pads and foldable backrest
  • Flip back armrests allows for easier transfers
  • Removable footrests
KM 7501 Wheelchair is a manual wheelchair for children. Its ergonomically antelope horn-shaped handle makes it easy to steer and push the chair, and vertical footrest allow legs to be placed in the correct position. One-piece footplate increases stability.

KM 7501 Wheelchair Features
Ergonomically antelope horn -shaped handle
Outward extended front wheels
Caring footrest
One-pieced footplate
Vertical footrest
Ultra lightweight and compact
Seat widths : 11"and 13.5"
Ultra lightweight and compact.

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