Thursday, 5 March 2015

Power Wheelchair Safety With handicapped and disabled Persons

Wheelchair safety you should have a seat belt fastened around your waist and around your chest. As with all belts the user should be able to quickly release in case of an emergency.Buy online Power Wheelchair for handicapped and disabled at lowest price and cheap cost in India from wheelchair India online shopping store of Power Wheelchair manufacturer, distributor, dealer and supplier of variety of Karma Power Wheelchair, GM Lite Power Wheelchair at low price in India  for handicapped and disability product like  Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair, Gm Lite Power Wheelchair, Karma KP 10.3 Power Wheelchair, along with that we offer huge discount and promo code when you purchase Power Wheelchair from our online shopping store of Power Wheelchair.

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Healthy, fit, active paraplegics are at the lowest risk of injury when operating a manual or power wheelchair.

Amputees with missing arms or legs are a low risk if they have good upper body control and strength and the wheelchair is set up for their individual needs.

Individuals with Parkinson's Disease, Cerebral Palsy, or Multiple Sclerosis are at a mild to moderate risk depending upon the advancement of the disease. These individuals tend to have decreased strength and motor control. An assessment for wheelchair safety is recommended.

Those individuals with very little upper body movement, using specialized systems such as sip and puff and or-gyroscopic (inertia) wheelchair controls are a high risk. Paralyzed children and adults, as well as very small adults requiring specialized seating most often use power wheelchairs and are high risk for injury.

Power Wheelchair Brake Systems:
A safety shut off should be installed for the person using other methods of control than the typical hand control. The normal user can control the movement and braking system with hands.

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The quadriplegic should have special shut off controls that have electronic sensors that detect when the chair is out of control and can immediately “shut off” or stop the power wheelchair. Again, being persistent and getting these wheelchair safety features installed is only to your benefit.

Power Wheel Safety:
Power wheelchairs used outdoors should have powered large wheels in front, never a caster style wheel that can get caught in cracks or uneven surfaces. Caster wheels in front are best used on indoor chairs and when outside on smooth, solid surfaces. Front caster wheels are designed for improved maneuverability indoors.

Power Wheelchair Controls:
Most Power Chair are controlled by the user without the use of computers, etc. The wheelchair safety of this operation is dependent upon the quick reaction and alertness of the user to recognize dangerous situations. A young, healthy, alert paraplegic with good upper body strength is at less risk for injury than an older power chair user who is weak and has decreased reaction time.

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Factor out the cost of the computer system that responds and can be programmed to recall different terrains, stairs, etc. it is generally recommended to have this feature on your power chair. Theoretically it is ideal, however, reality says there is always the possibility of it failing at a critical time. You should consult your power mobility trainer, therapist or physician for the best recommendations for you.

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