Thursday, 12 March 2015

Safely Travel With Electric Power Wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair powers more than just your chair. It gives you the power to safely travel long distances on your own. It empowers you to navigate through your home, backyard, school, workplace or local park. It gives you power to do the things you want to do. It gives you power.

When accidents occur that leave permanent leg injuries, or as age sets in and joint pain becomes unbearable, the power chair acts as a gateway to continue living life to the fullest. The electric wheelchairs in our lineup are all battery powered, yet each device fills different needs for different users.

Electric Wheelchairs: Different Look For

When it comes to purchasing the best wheelchair for your needs, first consider whether you need something for indoor or outdoor use. The decision between the two can ultimately influence the options available to you. An outdoor power chair will use different tires and possess a different engine type than an indoor-only chair. Once you’ve decided what you’ll use the wheelchair for, consider the following factors in to decide which product is best suited to you.

Comfort Electric wheelchair
Electric Powered Wheelchairs users spend a large amount of time seated, and thus need a chair that provides the right levels of comfort and support. The design of the chair and the materials used to pad the seat need to be high quality, but they also need to contribute to overall back health. If sitting in a certain chair causes back pain, then using a power chair for prolonged periods of time becomes quite unpleasant.

Electric wheelchair Maneuverability
A key selling point of the powered wheelchair is the mobility and freedom it provides the user. If you’re unable to move around the house or neighborhood on your own, the chair provides a critical role in regaining your ability to move about. However, if the device lacks maneuverability, then getting around tight corners in your home and through crowds becomes quite problematic.

Electric wheelchair Battery Life
All power chairs operate on a battery. The strength of the battery ultimately determines the amount of use or distance you can travel on a single charge. Some chairs come with long-lasting batteries, whereas others are only intended for regular amounts of travel around the house. While you can of course purchase another battery to replace your existing battery, it might be best to pick an automatic wheelchair with a battery appropriate to the amount of travel you do.

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