Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Transport Chairs Lightweight - Folding

Lightweight Transport Chair has a lightweight aluminum frame and padded upholstery. It is foldable and has a quick release fold-down back, as well as padded, fixed full-length arms for added comfort. Transport chair has locking rear wheels and much lighter and more compact than traditional wheelchairs,transport chair allows the user and care giver greater freedom with life's daily adventures. 

Transport Chairs has more security and comfort enhancing features than ever before. Flip-back detachable arms make it easier to transfer in and out, or simply get closer to a table. And, added side panels help protect from bumps and bangs along the way.Anatomically correct armrest height along with heel loops on the easy-adjust swing-away footrests make it even more secure and comfortable to sit in.

  • Aluminum frame is lightweight and strong
  • Comes with seat belt for added safety
  • Nylon upholstery is comfortable, lightweight and easy to clean
  • Comes with swing-away footrests
  • Padded armrests provide additional comfort
  • Aluminum coasted back-release hinge allows back to fold down for easy storage and transport

Lightweight Folding Wheelchair are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. Lightweight wheelchair are using high quality material to ensure high strength and durability. Lightweight wheelchair is a high quality wheelchair.It is divided into three major categories-

Rigid Ultra lightweight Wheelchairs

Rigid frame eliminates the additional hardware and mechanisms of a folding frame, lightening up the weight and increasing the response and performance.These wheelchairs have a long list of options including the basics, like push handles and flip-up armrests, to Spinergy wheels and light-up front casters. 

Folding Ultra-lightweight Wheelchairs

If you need to transport your wheelchair behind the seat of your car or can't live without swing-away leg-rests but don't want to sacrifice weight or performance, then a folding ultra-lightweight wheelchair is the choice for you. These wheelchairs offer all the options of a rigid wheelchair with the necessary benefit of being able to fold up with a tug on the seat upholstery.

Titanium Ultra-lightweight Wheelchairs

Titanium is the material of choice these days for its lightness, strength, durability and the built-in shock absorption of the metal.Titanium wheelchairs are generally more expensive and may take a little longer to build , but they are the chair of choice for our staff members.  


  • Fold-able frame.
  • Fold-able armrest.
  • Fold-able /detachable footrest.
  • Dual brake system.
  • Seat – fabric seat with foam.
  • Backrest – fabric backrest with foam.
  • Front wheels -8” solid wheels, rear wheels 24” pneumatic.
  • Self propelling/ attendant type.
  • Desk type armrest.

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