Monday, 2 March 2015

Transport Chairs with Removable Armrests

Transport chairs with removable armrests are great for trips to and from the doctor or trips to the store. They are pushed by a companion and feature removable arms for easy transfers. All  transport chairs with removable armrests feature a folding design for easy transport and removable footrests.

Transport Wheelchair also known as travel or companion chairs, fold for storage and transportation and include removable, swing-away footrests. Transport Chair are designed to be pushed by someone from behind the chair (attendant operated). Removable arm transport wheelchairs weigh up to 20 pounds lighter than manual and lightweight wheelchairs, making it easier for picking up, folding and transporting. Additional features may include removable arm chairs that offer multiple seat widths, frame colors, wheel size and with or without hand brakes. Removable, or detachable, armrests allow for easier side transfers on and off the chair. 

Transport Chair solves limited mobility issues without the need to use a traditional wheelchair that is heavy and hard to collapse and put in a car. Transport Chair typically has four small wheels, two in the front and two in the rear.

Lightweight Wheelchair suitable for full-time users and is designed for maximum practicality and adjustability.Lightweight wheelchairs help patients who are unable to walk maintain ambulatory freedom by using upper body strength to propel themselves by using their hands & arms. Lightweight wheelchairs are much easier to transport then power chairs and can be used to go out shopping, out to eat with family, or make a doctors visit. Our lightweight wheelchairs weigh around 35 lbs which makes it easy for a family member to load into the car.

Key features:

•Folds for transport
•Light aluminium frame

  • Featuring a lightweight welded aluminum frame for strength and durability
  • Push button height adjustable armrests that can convert from desk length to full length
  • Height and angle adjustable back for additional comfort
  • Anti-tippers are spring-loaded and flip-up so they don't have to be removed when needed
  • The rear of the seat back has a handy pouch for storing valuables and personal items
  • Nylon upholstery for easy care (seat upholstery is un-padded, seat cushion is recommended)
  • Swing away and removable footrests with heal loops

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