Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Types Of Travel Wheelchair

Travel Wheelchair is a lightweight and portable wheelchair,and easy to fold wheelchair.The most common type of travel wheelchair-
  • Transport Wheel Chair
  • Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs
Transport Wheel Chair

Transport Wheel Chair is also known as travel wheelchair .It is specially designed to provide transportation for patients confined to a wheelchair or requiring a wheelchair for transport. We can transport up to two (2) wheelchairs at any one time with seats for family members or staff to accompany the patient. 

Net Price:Rs14210
Pros Of Transport Wheel Chair-
  • Position yourself at the edge of the bed or toilet in a sitting position. Keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Place your wheelchair as close to your bed or toilet as possible. Lock the wheels. Move the arm and footrest that are closest to the bed or toilet out of the way.
  • Put one edge of the transfer board under your buttock and the other edge on the wheelchair seat.
  • Put your hands on the bed or toilet seat, straighten your elbows, and push yourself up off the surface. Move yourself over the board in small movements until you are completely on the wheelchair. Do not drag yourself across the board. Doing this can tear or scratch your skin.
  • Remove the transfer board and position yourself in the middle of your wheelchair.
  • Move the arm and footrest back into place

Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs is a Folding Wheelchairs. It  is one of the lightest of all manual wheelchairs, compact size, easy to carry with its foldable nature. Ultralight Lightweight Wheelchairs is ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage, and mostly used while travelling.

Net Price:Rs6370
  • Seat and back height are adjustable for your comfort
  • Attractive carbon steel frame - best looking wheelchair on the market
  • Swing away removable elevating padded legrests included
  • Telescopic foot plates adjust to your comfort level

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