Monday, 23 March 2015

Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic Wheelchair

Ergonomic Wheelchair series provides users with a large selection of ultra lightweight wheelchairs that can help improve your life.Ergonomic wheelchair features that include a high strength lightweight frame, foldable and easy to store, breathable anti-bacterial, anti-staining, removable and machine washable cushion. 

Net Price- 24276
Karman Ergonomic Wheelchair features an ergonomic "S" shaped seat that provides the perfect shape to fit the human body to relieve pressure, increase stabilization, weight distribution and lower the risk of pressure sores and scoliosis. It has swing-away footrests standard with elevating legrests as an optional upgrade and "tube-in center" footplate that assures better side leg support. The backrest easily folds for transportation and storage and it also features a pouch for carrying small items.

  • Ultra lightweight ergonomic wheelchair
  • Anti-bacterial upholstery
  • High strength and folding backrest
  • Fixed armrest, swing-away footrest
  • "Tube-in Center" foot-plate, assures better side leg support
Karma KM-7501 Pediatric Wheelchair is a manual wheelchair for children.
It’s ergonomically antelope horn-shaped handle makes it easy to steer and push the chair, and vertical footrest allow legs to be placed in the correct position.
It's provides safety and comfort for your child and ease of use for you with it's ergonomically shaped push handles.
One-piece footplate increases stability.

Net Price- 20580
Features -

Ergonomically antelope horn -shaped handle
Outward extended front wheels
Caring footrest
One-pieced footplate
Vertical footrest
Ultra lightweight and compact
Vertical footrest
Fixed full soft rubber armrests for added comfort and durability

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