Saturday, 21 March 2015

Wheelchair Lightweight Folding

Wheelchair Lightweight Folding is a lot more portable and convenient than a solid wheelchair and can easily be carried in the boot of a car. Often made from lightweight aluminium a folding wheelchair doesn't take require much upper body strength or coordination to be able to use the chair and to move it around. 

Wheelchair Lightweight  are widely used in care facilities and for older adults because of their weight which is usually only 30 to 40 pounds. They normally have a folding frame, are available in many sizes, and can be adapted using most of the types of seating and positioning products. Lightweight wheelchairs are well suited to many users.

Wheelchair  Lightweight can also come with detachable leg rests and folding back to make them ideal for folding away for storage in the home and for travel. 

Features of Wheelchair Lightweight :

Lightweight wheelchairs have more flexibility, so rigid. They move easily, rather than rigid wheelchair, can only travel a smooth surface rough terrain.

Lightweight wheelchair designed for comfort and safety. It is durable and strong. How
ever, because it is susceptible to wear, must be maintained and kept clean.

Wheelchair Lightweight are durable and folding wheelchair, because it is produced with modern technology. This makes it much heavier than peers, more strict sense. Motorized wheelchairs, folding armrests Swing away and quick release system. Seat and arms padded bedding with extra comfort. 

Wheelchair Travel are the most portable wheelchairs. Being the most lightweight of all wheelchairs, they are ideal for occasional use and getting to and from places with ease.Wheelchair Travel are lightweight and durable they are often used for both indoor and outdoor use such as transit to and from a car, using in shopping centres or retail locations and for short distance flat terrain use. Travel wheelchairs require an attendant to push them. 

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