Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Friendly Tricycle For The Disabled Users

Those of all ages whose physical disabilities restrict their movement, affect their ability to earn a Disability Tricycle will enable freedom of movement and less dependency on others. Most of the people who depend on these tricycles are daily wage workers who have to travel long distances every day. The regular tricycles have no suspension and the riders are prone to spinal injuries. Most of them also cannot afford good medical care, and driving these tricycles for a long time affects. To deal with the problem, come up with a model tricycle that can be very useful to people who have a disability in their lower limbs, but a strong torso.
Tricycle Regular Single Hand Drive
Net Price:Rs6566
living or become valued members of society. Specially designed tricycles provide a mode of transport for the physically disabled allowing them much sought after independence and an opportunity for self support. The

The Handy tricycle to provide the ideal cycling experience for users advancement of upper body strength and toning for athletic events. Especially valuable to triathletes and challenged, it provides the perfect way to get in shape and stay that way. The tricycle achieves the true convenience of transportation while providing easy-to-use pedaling, steering and breaking controls. These are amongst the top selling handcycles on the market today. Handy is available in upright and recumbent versions. Hand powered front wheel drive. An internal hub-based gear shifting system is built into the front wheel.This provides ultra smooth shifting and is virtually maintenance-free. The entire front frame section is removable and connects easily, quickly and securely using a bolt-on system. The seat can be repositioned quickly and easily to allow the rider to achieve an optimally efficient distance between seat and handlebars.The rear wheels are removed using a single finger push system, allowing the bike to be broken down very quickly. Defined by two ways:

Fork steer:
It represent the majority of Hand Driven Tricycle. They work well for both low and high levels of spinal cord injury and paralysis. Most offer adjustable footrests, seat angle, variety of gearing, wheel configurations and tyre types depending on intended use: racing, recreation, touring,
Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle
Net Price:Rs6370
and off road being the four major handcycle activites.

Lean steer: 
It operated by the rider shifting their body weight to one side, leaning into a turn to steer. Being less stable at high speed it takes practice to master this type of racing handcycle. As the lean steer system uses whole body to steer the handcycle, lean steer handcycles are best suited for paraplegic athletes with lower levels of spinal cord injury, although some quadriplegics with high levels of disability can use them.

Benefits of tricycling:

  • Lower extremity strengthening.
  • Reciprocal leg motion patterning.
  • Balancing skills.
  • Using visual, spatial perception for steering.
  • Social interaction with peers and neighbors.

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